Thursday, 24 October 2013

My New Blog Address

Heyy Everyone, 
I know I've been absent for a while, I wont bore you with the I've been busy chat but I am making this post to tell you I have started up another blog. This all came about when I opened up another youtube account because basically I wanted to put videos up, ive done 2 so far but I will do more... and with this new account came a new blog address.

So theres the link to my new blog address, its 
I'm rubbish with anything technical so hope it works :-)
I would love if you all come join me at my new address and ill follow back. I've done a couple of posts on my new blog, my most recent is my new hair (yes again) and a few Halloween looks. I hope you like. 

Hope to see you all soon 

Love Lucy x x

Thursday, 8 August 2013

My First YouTube Video

Heyyy Everyone, 
So its something I've been thinking about for a while now but never got round to... until today. 
I finally made my very first YouTube video, its only a very small introduction type video. It was funny how camera shy I was but I know my confidence will grow in time :-) 
I started up a whole new channel, to solely be dedicated to my videos. I'm a make up artist so allot of my videos will be based round make up, tutorials, product reviews, but as i'm a very girly girl there will also be plenty of  fashion/haul type videos too. 

So here's the link to the video, you can pop over tell me what you think (be kind :-p) 

Hope your all doing well
Love Lucy x x x

Sunday, 16 June 2013

My Make - Up Work

Heyy Everyone...
Very long time no speak hey :-(
I'm so sorry I've just been extremely busy and I know that's no excuse but I didn't want to be doing rushed or half bothered posts. Anyway i'm back now with a post i'm hoping you will enjoy. 
As you may know I started my fashion and photography course earlier this year and in preparation for my final photo-shoot I've been practicing a fair amount of make up. 
Here i'm going to show you some of the looks I've created, hope you enjoy :-)

So to save this post being far too picture heavy i'm going to stop it here. So here's some the looks I've been working on recently, Some of them took allot of time but I believe the result is worth it in the end, and because I love make-up so much it never seems a chore to me. I'm coming to the end of my course now so i'm very busy completing my folder work. 

Hope your all doing well, normal blogging will be resuming very soon. 

Love Lucy x x x

Saturday, 4 May 2013

The £5.00 Matalan Summer Dress

Heyy Everyone, 
Well I had to share this rather amazing bargain I found. I'm not a massive shopper in Matalan but while bored one evening I decided to have a nose on their website because they do have some gems sometimes and I do like their home section. 
I found a cute floral print summer dress that came in a few different colours for 5 POUND, I could not believe it. I initially wanted the hot pink one, but that was sold out completely. When I clicked on the other colours they was only available in size large so I thought well if its a bit big its ok, I don't mind. 
So they arrived today and the size large being the only size available actually turned out to be a blessing because they fit exactly the way I would like. My first thoughts is, they are quite short and the material is thin. However the print is gorgeous and the elastic bit at the top fits really nice, nothing worse than having to keep hoying strapless things up all the time. 

I ordered one in a orangy peach colour and the other a greeny turquoise. I think they are so cute and I cant wait to wear them, we just need the sun now, if it ever does come!!
If your going to order i'd probably go a size up, because to me I dont think you could class these dresses as a true large so just bare that in mind especially if your a bit curvier like me. 

Hope your all enjoying your weekend, i'm just currently recovering from yet another dose of tonsillitis, it really does get me down sometimes, but i'm feeling allot better than I did.   

Also I managed to get my hands on 5ive tickets yesterday, I swear i'm so excited, they were my ultimate boyband when I was growing up, was never a Take That fan, was East 17 and then 5ive all the way for me, Abz was such a massive crush of mine and I remember covering all my school books with posters of him. I managed to get us really good seats so roll on November, iv'e already been blasting all their songs out getting in the mood haha. 

Are any of you going to see 5ive too?? Or any other exciting concerts?? 

Love Lucy x x

Thursday, 25 April 2013

MUA Haul

Heyy Everyone...
I've been buying yet more make up, this girl got some serious make up buying issues going on right now. I just cant stop. 
I do have some kind of reasoning to my buying today... true signs of a shopaholic, always on hand with reasons as to why these things needed buying haha. So here it goes, my mums birthday is the end of May, now the end of May is super busy for me with a wedding, a communion and a spa weekend as well as my mums birthday so I've decided the sooner I buy her present the better because ill need all the money I can get next month. 
So in my brainwave moment I thought I know Ill go into Superdrug and buy her some MUA pallets. Now my mum is not one for high end make up, shes very much a bargain hunter and she cant get her head round how expensive some things are, she would never even step foot in Mac, and if she did she would probably have a heart attack no matter how creamy the lipstick is. Its just how her mind set is (unlike her daughter) 
Now easily my most used make up items are my Naked and Naked 2 palettes, and I've heard MUA's Undressed and Undress me too palettes are great dupes for the nakeds so I thought ill pick them up for mumsy and while I was there I obviously had to pick up a few more bits didn't i?
I wont be able to show you everything in depth and cant swatch the undress me palettes as there gifts but i'll show what I can. 

So here's everything I bought:
*Undressed Palette
*Undress me too Palette
*Merged trio eyeshadow - Theatrics
*Merged trio eyeshadow - Emotions
*Pro-Base fixing mist
*Bronzed perfection powder
*Out there plumping lip gloss - Sienna

I personally love MUA, I think they are great quality products for great prices. I've never tried their foundations or concealers but their brow kit is an everyday staple of mine and their eyeshadows are beautiful and highly pigmented. 

Here is the merged baked eyeshadow trio in Emotions. There are three beautiful shades in a warm golden, copper bronze and burgundy, that all have veins of colour running through them. Each shade has a golden sparkle to it, and even tho they are baked eyeshadows the glide on like a dream. 

This one is merged trio eyeshadows in Theatrics, this one has the same great pigmentation and consistency as the trio above but instead of a gold sparkle this has silver. I can imagine this will look great for an evening out. 

Im really loving orange lips at the moment, so when I saw this I could not resist. Its a plumping lip gloss in the shade Sienna. Im not a big fan of gloss these days but this one is really nice, not sticky nice colour pay off. It does give you the lip tingle but weather it actually makes your lips look bigger is another matter. 

Lastly is the bronzer. I have been after a bronzer that's more day friendly, so I didn't want any shimmer or sparkle. I've got the Bourjois chocolate bronzer and I love the colour I just dont like how you really need to rub and rub to get any colour (or maybe that's just mine) 

I've got the pro-base fixing mist too but there's nothing I can show you with that. I'm excited to use it and let you know what I think.  

Sooo thats all for now. Somebody please come hide my bank card from me, I really need to give it a rest now... famous last words :-p

Hope your all well, 
Speak soon 

Lucy x x

Saturday, 20 April 2013

My Budget Evening Make Up. Smokey Eye, Red Lip

Heyy Everyone...
Feels like I hardly post here anymore, I'm feeling very guilty for neglecting but i'm just so busy recently with my course and I've also started going the gym again.... and life. Normal blogging will be back very soon pinky promise. 

As some of you may know I recently sorted my make up collection out, while doing that I came across products I had totally forgot about. I decided to create an evening smokey eye look with a palette I actually bought from Peacocks for not very much money at all to prove it can be done on a budget.

So here is my budget/drugstore Evening/Smokey eye Look;

I'm very happy with the end result, it is a dramatic smokey eye but I love it for a night out. To me this brought home that I should mix up my make up more instead of automatically jumping to my faithfuls. 
Here's what I used:

MUA Pro-Brow kit - This is my new fav brow powder I love it
Bourjois Bronzing Powder - I used this to contour, I like that it doesn't have shimmer
Evie Glam eye shadow palette - I bought this from Peacocks, it has a white, light grey, dark grey and a black. Nice and pigmented. Easy to work with. 
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - My new fav setting powder
Collection 2000 concealer - Could not be without this, covers my blemishes perfectly
Rimmel Acceleration Endless Lash Mascara - I've purchased this mascara in black and brown I was so impressed with it. I love mascaras that have a plastic wand and that give instant results.  
Duo Lash Glue - The best in my opinion
Primark eyelashes - Not the best quality, but for £1.00 always worth it to have a few pairs handy
MUA Highlighter - This gives such a pearly colour highlight to the skin, very pretty and I love to apply this to my cheekbones, and browbone
Maybelline Gel Liner - To be honest I cant make much comparison to other gel liners because this is the only one I've ever owned but I really like this one. Glides on nice and doesn't dry to quick.  

I'm not sure of the prices but for a whole face of make up this wont be a high priced one. Now don't get me wrong I love high end make up as much as the next make up mad junkie but I do believe its good to mix it up. Ill be digging a little deeper in my make up box more often. 

Hope your all well, and enjoying your weekend. Ive just finished watching The Voice, my new Saturday night highlight. Jessie J is just.... wow!!! 

Love Lucy x x 

Friday, 12 April 2013

Make Up Collection Sort Out

Heyy Everyone...
So yesterday I finally bit the bullet and sorted through my make up collection, actually throwing away things that were smashed or that had seen better days. 
All I've ever had in the way of make up storage is a big pink metal case and a few make up bags here and there. Its now dawned upon me its time for some proper storage. 
Here's what I'm left with;

Make up collections are one of those things, to some people mine is tiny but to others its allot. I hate that at the bottom of the box things are just piled on top of each other because then I cant see everything. I also HATE that make up bag at the back that I've just had to fill to the brim with things I cant fit in the box. 

So here is where I'm asking for a bit of help if possible, I tried to look for storage myself and ended up falling in love with a black mirrored unit that was around £400, i'm just awful at online shopping and finding bargains. Soooo if anyone knows of good make up storage (preferably black) that isn't too expensive, or a good website you can recommend id really appreciate it.

Its Friday and i'm actually getting my roots done today in a hairdressers I've never been to before so i'm very nervous, lots of hairdressers have actually messed up my colour in the past so i'm preying today goes well. 
I'm out later too and on Saturday so hopefully ill get some OOTN and FOTN.  

Hope your all well

Lucy xx