Thursday, 19 January 2012

Lets get Physical... Physical....

Heyy Everyone..
As some of you may know Ive been toying with the idea of joining up at the gym again. Ive been a member before so its a place im quite comfortable, my issue is if ill actually get off my backside and get down there.
I dont drive (yet) so I have to get the bus down and I just know ill make excuses not to go resulting in lots of wasted money. I lost quite allot of weight in 2010, about 3+ stone in total and I feel I really let it slip in 2011. I think because I felt allot more comfortable with myself I didnt work as hard.  
So ive decided 2012 isthe year I will TRY get myself back on track. With me being really unsure about the gym and not wanting to waste any money I headed into town with the idea of getting a fitness dvd. In HMV there are so many fitness dvds to choose from, and me being me I usually go for the chavvy-est one I can find. So I was instantly drawn to TOWIE one, at £15.99 I thought thats abit steep and I also had a voice in my head saying 'Take it serious this time Lucy' so I decided my little voice was right, I didnt want yet another dvd I would never use or was too hard to follow.

Heres what I chose;

I was always sceptical of Davina dvds and if im honest I have no idea why. I thought she has had so many out she must be doing something right. This cost me £12.99, much cheaper than the Essex one.

I put the dvd on yesterday and didnt make it all the way through, I was astounded at how unfit I am, was almost gasping for breath after 10 minutes haha. I didnt push myself TOO much because I know you gotta build on your fitness and stamina.
My first impressions are really good ones, and the dvd is getting a second go today. The only thing I will say is if Davinas over exaggerated facial expressions annoy you this is NOT the dvd for you.

For abit of fun Ive added a Keep Fit OOTD

Here is the Barbie top and sweat pants I showed in a recent shopping trip post. Oh and please excuse my naked face. 
I dont own many clothes suitable for working out but as im doing it at home it doesnt really matter. Or maybe I should take tips from Olivia Newton John or the girls from the Call On Me vid (anyone remember that)

Hmmm or maybe not... Think ill stick to my grey jogging bottoms for now haha.

I have such a sweet tooth and getting off chocolate is going to be so hard for me. So while out food shopping I spotted these babies.

I thought these would be perfect for if I start craving something sweet. They are only 80 calories each and they do actually taste nice too.

Hope I havnt bored you with this long post, if you got this far and your reading this well done :D

Has anyone tried any fitness dvds? What are your favourite?
Any tips are welcome.

Love n Hugs
Lucy x x


  1. Good luck hun! :)
    I haven't tried any fitness dvds, but I do keep looking at the essex one haha! :)

    1. Thank you, haha the Essex one does catch your eye but dont know how serious I could take it. Thats coming from a girl who owns a Chantelle (dimbo Mrs Reid) fitness dvd. Did I just admit that... :S x x

  2. Good luck! You do look really nice without make up on

  3. I bought the Essex one and paid £18 which I'm gutted about as it doesn't really push you that much :( I prob won't use it that much xx

    1. Oh no £18 is so much money for a dvd, and cant believe it doesnt even push you that much!!! Maybe try selling it on Ebay or something then buy another one. I do recommend the Davina one, and it defo works you, I sweat like a bitch. x x

  4. love your blog xx

    Anyone follow me and i will follow you back xxxx
    @MissModelLauren xx
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    Follow me x

  5. You look too cute in your workout outfit!I used to do the first Davina dvd and yes, HELLA hard! That girl can WERK!

    I also just wanted to say that I have been doing the Special K diet for 2 weeks now and exercising to Dancestar Party on our PS3 and I can honestly say that I'm feeling really good, so if you have access to a Wii, XBox Kinect or PS3 I really recommend one of the dance games!

    J x x x


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