Thursday, 25 April 2013

MUA Haul

Heyy Everyone...
I've been buying yet more make up, this girl got some serious make up buying issues going on right now. I just cant stop. 
I do have some kind of reasoning to my buying today... true signs of a shopaholic, always on hand with reasons as to why these things needed buying haha. So here it goes, my mums birthday is the end of May, now the end of May is super busy for me with a wedding, a communion and a spa weekend as well as my mums birthday so I've decided the sooner I buy her present the better because ill need all the money I can get next month. 
So in my brainwave moment I thought I know Ill go into Superdrug and buy her some MUA pallets. Now my mum is not one for high end make up, shes very much a bargain hunter and she cant get her head round how expensive some things are, she would never even step foot in Mac, and if she did she would probably have a heart attack no matter how creamy the lipstick is. Its just how her mind set is (unlike her daughter) 
Now easily my most used make up items are my Naked and Naked 2 palettes, and I've heard MUA's Undressed and Undress me too palettes are great dupes for the nakeds so I thought ill pick them up for mumsy and while I was there I obviously had to pick up a few more bits didn't i?
I wont be able to show you everything in depth and cant swatch the undress me palettes as there gifts but i'll show what I can. 

So here's everything I bought:
*Undressed Palette
*Undress me too Palette
*Merged trio eyeshadow - Theatrics
*Merged trio eyeshadow - Emotions
*Pro-Base fixing mist
*Bronzed perfection powder
*Out there plumping lip gloss - Sienna

I personally love MUA, I think they are great quality products for great prices. I've never tried their foundations or concealers but their brow kit is an everyday staple of mine and their eyeshadows are beautiful and highly pigmented. 

Here is the merged baked eyeshadow trio in Emotions. There are three beautiful shades in a warm golden, copper bronze and burgundy, that all have veins of colour running through them. Each shade has a golden sparkle to it, and even tho they are baked eyeshadows the glide on like a dream. 

This one is merged trio eyeshadows in Theatrics, this one has the same great pigmentation and consistency as the trio above but instead of a gold sparkle this has silver. I can imagine this will look great for an evening out. 

Im really loving orange lips at the moment, so when I saw this I could not resist. Its a plumping lip gloss in the shade Sienna. Im not a big fan of gloss these days but this one is really nice, not sticky nice colour pay off. It does give you the lip tingle but weather it actually makes your lips look bigger is another matter. 

Lastly is the bronzer. I have been after a bronzer that's more day friendly, so I didn't want any shimmer or sparkle. I've got the Bourjois chocolate bronzer and I love the colour I just dont like how you really need to rub and rub to get any colour (or maybe that's just mine) 

I've got the pro-base fixing mist too but there's nothing I can show you with that. I'm excited to use it and let you know what I think.  

Sooo thats all for now. Somebody please come hide my bank card from me, I really need to give it a rest now... famous last words :-p

Hope your all well, 
Speak soon 

Lucy x x


  1. That bronzer looks a lovely colour. Wearable for the day time. X

    1. Yes its really nice for day as theres no shimmer. I wore it yesterday and was happy with it xx

  2. Ooo will be interesting to hear about the bronzer and the fixing mist.. Because the products are so cheap I think we lower our expectation, but I love the eye shadow palettes so I might have to give these a go. Oh and I have the bourjois chocolate bronzer and mine hasn't dried out because I have kept the plastic film over it, a little tip for next time ;)

    1. I think your spot on, when products are cheaper you automatically dont expect much. Im not a fan of ELF make up at all, but MUA, and Sleek I think are amazing quality for the lower priced brands. Oooh great tip for the chocolate bronzer, I get so frustrated with it but I genuinely love the colour so if I get another one ill be keeping the seal on xx

  3. Ive heard great things about he Mua palettes, really want to purchase one!I am a new follower, please check out my blog if you get a chance and follow if you like!


    1. Oh you should deffo pick one up, I think they are amazing quality and great price. I have the Heaven and Earth palette and use it so much xx

  4. My chocolate bronzer is the same, when I (eventually) get any colour pay off it's great but it doesn't matter how many times I rub the brush in it I never pick any colour up! This bronzer looks great, I generally use the Benefit Hoola bronzer of the shade from the Sleek contour kit. Great idea for presents and a great haul!


    1. One the girls here in the comment said she has kept the seal on her chocolate bronzer and its fine, something to bear in mind if you repurchase because it is a gorgeous bronzer, just too much hard work at the mo. Thank you lovely xx


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