Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Don't Be Jel Be Reem!

Heyy everyone, 
What your seeing here is a recent purchase of mine and I love it. I thought what better way to show my excitement for series 3 of TOWIE than this fetching top :) :)

Now ive been called a chav by the boy and my mum for buying and wearing this top but do I care??? No!!! Ill happily chav it up alllll day babayyy. 

I teamed the top with another new purchase of mine, a pair of cobalt blue jeans. The jeans and top were both from Internacionale, the top £9.99 and the jeans £19.99. 

Now as the new series of Towie is approaching im sorry to hear Amy is no longer going to be a part of it as she was one of my favorite characters, I think Lydia is just a doll and hope her mum will be back in with her shouting "jaaaamessss" haha. Abit of Kirk does no harm either ;)

I have a quick hair update too, as im going to be buying extensions I didnt wnt to buy another black set as im pretty bored with this colour already, so Im thinking of getting my hair back as close to my natural shade as possible (mousy brown) then buying extensions and getting the ends professionally dyed.
So I visited a salon today about going back brown and they done a strand test  for me. The good news is the colour lifted, the bad news is my hair is too weak. So I bought a mask the recommended for me and im spending the next 3-4 weeks trying to get my hair stronger so they can dye my hair for me.  
Phew that was long winded, congrats if you made it this far haha. 

On a serious note Im quite disturbed and  alarmed by the riots that are going on, they started in London, and they are spreading, even to my hometown of Liverpool.
Im deeply saddened that anybody would do such things to their own country. My heart goes out to all the police officers and innocent people getting caught up in this. Lets hope and prey it stops NOW!!!

Speak Soon
Lucy x x x 


  1. Love the top anything to do with TOWIE was always a winner in my books anyway, but i can't imagine it with no Amy :( xx

  2. Ha ha brilliant top! So jel now!

  3. Arr thanks girls :) :)
    Im the same, cant imagin no Amy!!
    x x x

  4. Love the top MUST buy! :) xxx


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