Thursday, 6 October 2011

Halloween Doll Make Up Look!!!

Heyy Everyone...
As you may know Halloween is coming up. I absolutely LOVE Halloween, its one of my favorite occasions of all time. I love dressing up, I love wearing make up you would never normally wear. Its the perfect excuse to channel your dark side. 

My mum always decorates her house for Halloween, and we have a little party. I also usually have a night out in town dressed up too. 

So I thought id experiment with a make up look, i havnt decided what im dressing up as yet, but I see no harm in having a little experiment. 

First up - Halloween Doll
Ive never done this look before so be gentle with me :)

 Here it is, im actually quite impressed with the finished look. I had no real idea in mind of what I was going to do I just went with it.
 I used only a handful of products. Most of them cheapo or things I dont use, like my Elf HD powder, and Avon foundation thats far too light for me. The worst part was trying to get my eyebrows out, for that I used my erase Paste by Benefit thats also too light for me. 

Im going to try do a few more looks and post them up too. 
So whos dressing up for Halloween???? Whats your plans?? 

Lucy x x x


  1. Ohh wow, this is such a good look!! It turned out really well!! Definitely do some more Halloween looks :) xxx

  2. WOW! This is SO good. Well done babe x

  3. Thanks so much girlies <3 <3 x x

  4. Thats a good first attempt!
    I'm dressing up as a freaky doll for Halloween... I found a really good link on YT that I'm gonna base my make-up on..

    Think I'm gonna practise this weekend and maybe post some pics on here if it turns out ok, haha.


  5. So fun! I love it! I love love halloween. We throw an adult costume party every year and its a blast. I am still trying to figure out what I am gonna be but I just love how you can totally do whatever you want because it is halloween! Do more looks!!

  6. i was thinking of doing a creepy doll too! i just found this awesome tutorial for one the other day.. check it out

    xo dana

  7. Wicked job! The pinks you used are really pretty! I think it looks great =)

  8. ha ha brilliant you have done such a great job xx

  9. wow this is really good!!! the best i can do is a cat which requires drawing a little black nose with whiskers... i was that last year and i think it will be making an appearance again this year ha!!


  10. Wow, that was amazing doll makeup! that is surely a must-try halloween makeup. Thanks for sharing this one of the best halloween makeup ideas, fresh, cute and creepy in one. Cheers!


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