Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Recent Buys... I think I'm in love!!!

Heyyyy every1... 
Here is just a quick run through a few of my recent buys. First up im going to show you a pair of shoes I saw and instantly fell head over heels in love with. I just had to have them they are sooooo me... Ill shop gushing and show you a pic. Its quite possible you could hate these as they are very loud and in your face but for me they are just puuurrrfectttt :)

Soooo what do you think?????? They cost me £30, ive already worn them and they are allot more comfy than they look. 
Next up are some clothes I picked up. First shop I went to is called Storm, now Im not sure if they have shops all over but theres one here in Liverppol.

Here we have a black and white stripy pencil skirt, it goes to your knee its such a nice fit and comes with a skinny pink belt it cost me £15 and I picked up a matching pink vest top for £5.00 total bargain :) :)

Next we have... drum roll pleasseeeee.... PRIMARK!!!

Here we have two dresses I purchased, I have a Christening party this weekend so picked up he first one cost £15, and the second is £13. I love this gorgeous blue colour and think will flatter my new dark hair.
Next I picked up a couple of belts and a hairband. One the belts is covered in feathers and I love it, I haven't seen anything like it before.

Andddd a pair of gloriously tacky pink earrings and a long chain full of all different charms.
Next technically isnt something ive picked up but its something ive acquired recently. When I was in my mums having sunday dinner I believe, we was just chatting away and she goes oh I got something for you, those words always get me excited and I wasnt disappointed. She comes down with the most fabulous maxi dress... 

 I love this dress so much its so flattering on.

 And finally heres just a quick FOTD from last saturday.

Hope you liked this post :) :)
Speak soon lucy x x


  1. lovely dresses, I love those wedges x

  2. oh god those wedges are unbelievable! x

  3. Omg those heels are tooooo cute! Love it!!!

  4. Ahhh im sooo glad uze like them, I was hoping you would as im totally smitten with them but i know there not everyones cup of tea :) :) x x x

  5. Your blog is so sweet! You always seem to get really good bargains in primark


  6. WOW! I love those shoes! Your style is sooo fun! I just followed! :D!

  7. Those shoes are amazing! I love your style :)

    p.s. im having a wee giveaway over at my blog atm if you feel like entering!

    Hope you are having a nice weekend xx


  8. Those wedges are amazing, I need them in my life :}


  9. I knowwww, I love them sooooo much haha. My new babies :) :) x x

  10. Ohh those shoes are amazing, and you look gorgeous! xx


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