Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Little Haul...

Heyy everyone..
Here we have a little haul from last week. Hope you enjoy :)

First of all is this gorgeous floaty dress from New Look. Its one shouldered and has this really pretty peacock feather pattern. I actually wore this last saturday for a night out to a comedy club and I loved it on. Shame I didnt get any pics for you but I was running late.. Doh!! Im sure I will wear it again tho. 

Next is this stunning cobalt blue dress. As soon as I saw it I fell in love. It really reminded me of the Herve Leger body con dresses and as Ill probably never be able to afford one of those ill stick with this. 
Some of you may remember from my earlier posts I was looking for a dress for my friends wedding in The Hilton. I think this is perfect. Its low on the front but goes to my knee so it keeps it nice and classy. Ill feel dressed up enough in the night and not too over the top in the day. 
Im thinking of teaming it with a pair of nude shoes. 
Both dresses came to around £50, such a bargain. 

Next up just a few bits from Superdrug.

Here we have Garnier Fructis Bamboo Flexihold hairspray, this cost £1.50, how amazing is that. Its a really good hairspray too, good hold and doesnt smell too bad (for hairspray) It was at the very bottom of the hairspray shelf, always look low for bargains. 
Also Maybelline Lasting Drama 24H Gel Eyeliner, and a Barry M Nail Paint.

The colour is Cyan Blue and I got it to go with my peacock dress but Ive wore it everyday since I got it on fingernails and toes. I just love it, so bright and attention seeking ;)

Ive been wanting this Gel Eyeliner for the longest time. Everyone raves over gel eyeliner So I bought the sleek one and hated it. This however is nothing like the sleek one. It goes on smooth and easy, you even get the little brush included. Think it cost around £8.00, and although im not sure it lasts 24 hours, I did wake up sunday morning with it still in place from my night out. I hardly ever take my make up off after a night out, very bad habit of mine (smack on wrist)

I got some news on the hair front, Ive decided to ombre my extensions and think im going to go to Boots today for the bleach... eeeeeeek!!!! Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

Thats all for now lovelies.
Speak soon
Lucy x x x x


  1. Lovely dresses and that nail polish is gorgeous x

  2. Aww thanx lovely, that nail polish is my new love atm. I highly recommend x x

  3. I love the dresses, they're both gorgeous xxx

  4. Great buys, love the Peacock Feather print Dress <3.

    Sadie x


  5. Thanks girls, just thought the peacock dress is in new look in diff patterns and colours too. Theres a black one with white stars all over thats super cute :) :) x x

  6. Love the peacock dress, and the eyeliner is great x

  7. i love the peacock dress. and thats a good idea to dye your extensions instead of your real hair :)

  8. ooo I LOVE the first dress its gorgeous! =) I am trying to find a good gel liner too right now but its hard to find a cheap good one.

  9. Ahhh loadsa love for the peacock dress, it is fab tho hehe. Thanks every1 x x x


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