Saturday, 1 October 2011

Walking in Leopard

Heyy Beautiful people..
Anybody reading this in the UK, will think im absolutely crazy. We have had scorching weather, ive been wearing my summer dresses and shorts once more, so what did I buy myself today??? Yes a pair of wellies... 
While I was out today I regularly get chatting to random people and I was informed today that this weather isnt going to last and apparently snow is on its way. That instantly put fear in me because I hate snow with a passion and I hate the way the world comes to a halt when we have it. 
While just having a little nosey in Peacocks I seen a pair of leopard print wellies. I swore I would invest in a pair this year after ruining my beloved pink Uggs last year in the dreaded snow. 

Here they are..

Now im not a massive fan of wellies, there not really my thing but im not prepared to lose any more loved shoes this year, and IF im going to wear wellies these are right up my street... short and leopard print. 
They cost £16.50, more than id like to pay for wellies but I wanted to cease the moment before its too late. 

I went shopping last week and picked up a few bits. I feel I just have to show you these beauties!!!

They are the biggest, pinkest, fluffiest socks ive ever seen in my life. They are sort of a mix between slippers and socks and I love them to bits. They cost £4.00 from Primark and come in other colours.

Im preying the snow stays away im still scared from getting stranded in town last year coz of it, but at least my feet are prepared. If only all the trains, buses, cars, roads could be too. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Im just sat typing and watching the Liverpool v Everton game, Liverpool 1-0 up atm woop woop. Hope it stays that way. 

Speak soon
Lucy x x 


  1. This is such a cute post. I got some hunters pink last year and it is welly-love!
    Love the leopard pattern-just cant get enough of leopard at the moment!


  2. Love the leopard print wellies! :) xxx

  3. heheh wellies! I haven't ever heard of that word before! I love hearing what different countries call things! We call them rain boots, I think I used to call them gum boots when I was a kid, weird lol.
    Those are really cute those, I need to get a pair this year too! I bet the pink Uggs were so cute! I have a pair of purple ones =)
    Love the fuzzy pink socks too!! I buy tons of those socks for winter they are perfect. Love this post!

  4. Now that's a pair of wellies I would actually wear!

  5. hehe thanx girls, Peacocks had a few diff styles too some floral and plain may be worth a look. Gotta love abit of leopard tho x x
    @TaYgAn - haha I love hearing what other countries call things too, its always so funny... i mean I could never imagine myself saying gum boots haha. Its one the many things I love about blogs. x x

  6. Aww those are the cutest wellies ever!

  7. The wellies are super cute! I'm actually excited for autumn weather. bring on the uggs and gloves :D x

  8. The leopard print wellies are super cute! I love them :) xx


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