Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ive been shopping!!!!

Heyy Everyone...
So I went into town today for essentials only, and returned with many many non essential items (as ya do) so here they are, and they have made me very happy so I just gotta share.

First of all I popped into St Johns Precinct (Liverpool City Centre) Its full of small independent shops and always worth a nosey, as you can get gorgeous things as great prices. 

I walked into a shop called Rebellious and spotted this dress on the mannequin and instantly hunted it down in the shop. Found it... my size... I had to make it mine. I don't even have any nights out planned but I love it so much I'm debating saving it for one of my birthday nights out in Feb. If I can go that long without wearing it. Its a stunning bright pink colour, with black poker dots and a big black bow. Looks gorgeous on too and cost £20. 

I also picked up this gorgeous black sheer top that has white skulls all over. Its hard to show it properly in a picture so will have to feature it in a OOTD soon. It cost £15.

Next up Primark

Primark must of read my mind, or went through my Internet history because for the last about 4-5 days ive been searching Barbie items online. I think I want a Barbie Pauls Boutique Bag for my 27th, VERY tacky I know, but I really do love them. This year I'm being very sensible and getting driving lessons for my birthday so I think the bag is my way of injecting some fun and excitement into the day haha.
Went off on one there.... so the top, Barbie and its a sort of sweater material. Perfect as ive also been saying I'm starting the gym again. Very cliche I know but I really do want to get back in shape. It cost £10, bargain!!!
The dress I picked up as its something easy I can just throw on with a pair of tights and still look presentable. Its very flattering for a curvy figure and cost just £10.

Last but not least New Look

These arnt the most exciting items but thought id show them anyway. Once again were going down the gym route. The grey pants were on sale for £9.00, and the canvas pumps were £12.99.

So that's it for now, think I need to lock myself in a room so I cant spend no more. I didn't even get anything in a sale except the grey pants haha.

Hows everybody else getting on in the sales, any good bargains??

Speak Soon
Lucy x x


  1. The skull print blouse is so nice! You got some lovely things x x

  2. I love the polka dot dress. So cute!

  3. Love the polka dot dress!
    Can't wait to see how you style the skull top!



  4. Love the skull print blouse! it is lovely :-)
    happy new year!

  5. I love that Barbie sweater, I hope they have those in the store near me! Great buys :) xx

  6. Ah I love the Primark Dress! And I love the fact that you're 26, here's to being mid 20's!!


  7. I love that black top with the skulls on, always love it when I see one of your shopping posts pop up in my subscription box!


  8. Great idea a Liverpool Gym would also better, but I love to sew. You have a simple plain Liverpool Gym, they right just put some designs to look more attractive.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Liverpool Gym

  9. You got some lovely items! I love the dress and Barbie jumper! xxx

  10. Great haul!
    The dress is cute, as is the swan dress - love swan patterned clothes :)

    I have 3 PB Barbie bags and though I am 25 this year, I will still continue to use them :) I looove them! and I also LOVE that jumper! OMG! I bet my nearest Primark won't get it in though :(


  11. Ohmygosh, I love the Barbie top! That would be perfect for me, haha. Whyyyy don't I have a Primark around me, it kills me :( x

  12. Thank you for all your comments, I was so chuffed with what I bought here :) x x

  13. love the pink and polka dotted dress xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  14. Wow the pink dress is sooo. Cute!! And of course love the skull top!:)


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