Saturday, 7 January 2012

Little Bit Of Skull Loving

Heyy Everyone..
Hope you have all enjoyed your Saturday. Ive had a lovely day bowling and I'm now home and ready to relax and chill.
You may remember a post I done recently from a recent shopping trip. Today I wore my skull top for the first time so I just had to show you.

So as you can see I wore my skull top with a black vest top underneath (£3.00 Primark) and teamed it with a pair of leather look leggings. On my feet I wore my black sequined Converse, they have defo seen better days but I love them to bits.

I can see this top being a new staple of mine. I love it soooo much.

Who else is excited for the new Take me out?? No likey No lighty. Gotta love Paddy :)

Lucy x x


  1. Oh that looks so good :D
    Btw love your hairstyle

  2. oh i love the top :) your hair looks lovely blonde aswel xx

  3. your absolutely stunning xx

    my blog :


  4. @osxg33kgirl - Thank you so much :) x x

    @Pebbz - Thank you very much, in desp need of getting me roots done but im booked in for wednesday, yeyyy!!! x x

    @RavingBeauty - Thank you very much honey, you always leave me such lovely comments. Your such a sweetheart x x

  5. LOVE this tip, really nice outfit.
    Haha I was so excited for Take Me Out, especially cause the yummy Mark Wright was doing the after show lol <3

  6. I LOVE the top!! Skulls are my fav :D it looks great!

  7. Great outfit :) I love the skull top!!
    I missed the beginning of Take Me Out but watched the rest. I quite liked the short guy, haha!


  8. Wow, i love those converse! they're ace :)

  9. @Lipgloss Lily - Ohhh damn... I missed Mark Wright on the after show. Bet hes in his element with all them girls haha. x x

    @MoNtseR GiRl* - Thank you sweetie, Skulls have became such a favourite of mine recently x x

    @Zoe - Awww yeah he was quite cute wasnt he, aww n the poor ginger lad who didnt get a date, I didnt think there was anything wrong with him. Musta been so embarrassing haha x x

    @Jodie - Aww thanks hun, Ive had them for sooooo long now but I still love them to bits x x

  10. Love the top! :)

  11. You look great!Love the shoes!!

  12. I love that top! And you look so pretty :) xx

    1. Aww thanks hun. Omg this top is such a big love of mine right now. I seen it in the sale for £5 less damnnnn... but I still love it haha :) x x


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