Sunday, 20 May 2012

Picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies

Heyyy Everyone...
Ive spend the best part of today eating McDonald's and watching Katie Price documentary. Im sorry shes my very guilty pleasure :P

I went out last night to watch a Beatles tribute band called Mersey Beatles, I had such a fabulous night. They started off with saw her standing there and finished off with the classic Hey Jude with many many more great Beatles songs in between. 
I got to dance and sing along to my two favourites 8 days a week and Hard days night, and had to basically run out the toilet once I heard Lucy in the sky with diamonds start as I am lucy haha.

Now onto the outfit

Skirt and top from Primark that I showed a couple of posts ago. 
Im actually not feeling great about myself at the mo, a few years ago I lost a fair amount of weight (about 3 stone). I was a size 8 through my teens then it all got abit out of hand, I lost weight and got down to like a big 10 small 12. Now for about two months ive felt my eating getting more and more, im scared of it getting out of hand and all my hard work going to waste. I put on a pair of trousers a few days ago and they was nearly going the charity shop for being too big, they are now too tight if anything :( This was my wake up call. Im not the diet kinda girl so im going to a boxercise class next week and im really excited about it. Sorry about my little weight moan there but its something thats been bothering me but hopefully this class will help get my confidence back. 

Hope your all having a nice weekend. Its my mummys birthday tomorrow awww Im going to go pick a cake up for her in the morning and some candles, never too old for candles right? :):) 

Speak Soon 
Lucy x x


  1. I totally know how you feel although you look slim to me.

    I used to be an 8 bottom and 10 top ( Ihave always had a large chest so would never be a 8 up top ). I got under active thyroid and since then went up to a 12 which is fine but I felt over the beginning of this year I was eaing a lot and moving up to a 14! I started to cut down by eating 1200 calories a day or less and lost some weight but I have to maintain it. Its so annoying cos when I was young I vould eat what I want and stayed slim! I am a 12 now but want to get back to a 10. x

    1. I know what you mean, I never worried about how much I was eating when I was younger. I guess thats one the downfalls of getting older. You have done really well to lose weigh especially with your under active thyroid. I lost weight through calorie counting but I havnt done that for a while now, its so hard food seems to have massive amounts of calories in. I remember going is sainsburys picking up a ham sandwich and there was 600 cals in it, i was stunned!! Im a size 12 too and would like to be a comfortable 10, hopefully ill get there with this boxercise class x x

  2. You look gorgeous, love this lipstick what is it?

    I know what you mean about your weight, I usually don't notice that I'm eating more and putting on weight (it's always around my middle) until I put on a certain pair of ripped River Island jeans, and then I know I need to hit body combat and the mini trampoline extra hard!


    1. Aww thank you lovely. Im like that I actually dont know what I weigh I just go off how my clothes are fitting me, once there getting abit snug yano its time to do sumthin about it.
      The lipstick is Eurydice by Illamasqua, fab colour and it didnt budge all night x x

  3. You look lovely here :) I saw that skirt in Primark and I wish I'd bought it now - it looks so nice on you! I also love wour wedges - they're gorgeous! xxx

  4. Love the skirt and the earrings :)

  5. You look beautiful! The show sounds amazing:)

    1. I had a fab night, thank you hunni x x


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