Tuesday, 31 July 2012

July Empties

Heyyy Everyone, 
First of all I must apologise for abandoning my blog and the whole blog world. Ive had some issues with my health and personal life recently and as a result ive ended up neglecting my poor blog. I must say ive missed blogging so much, ive missed reading all your blogs too and leaving comments and replying to comments. I hope you all understand and accept my apology :):) Big hugs. 

Well im back with an empties post, and im actually on time with it for once. I dont feel like ive put as much effort in this month in using up my products but theres still a fair few things. 

Loreal Elvive sparkling shampoo, I really like this shampoo I also had the conditioner that I must of threw out by mistake. Ive already repurchased this, its good for my hair and looks super pretty and sparkly what more could you want :)

Two Palmolive Aroma Therapy shower gels, im showing you these because I absolutely adore the smell of them. I think they are my favourite shower gels of all. 

Pro:voke touch of silver shampoo, an absolute must have for me and my blonde hair, this is the best purple shampoo ive ever used and ive already bought another bottle. 

Soap and Glory Pulp Friction Foamy body scrub. This is a really nice body scrub smells delicious and I would buy again. 

TWO cans of Batiste, now I know I love Batiste but I never thought id get through a big tin and normal size tin in one month. Ive already bought another big tin, its a must for reviving your hair.  

And last but not least my Kate Moss Velvet Hour Perfume, I love this smell and im sad ive ran out. I will be buying more. 

So that's it for my July empties, ill be trying allot harder next month to use things up. 

It feels great to be back blogging, and ill try keep my posts nice and regular from now on. 

Love Lucy x x x


  1. Ah, glad to see you're back blogging lovely! I need to sort my blog out - I'll post something every once in a while but really need to get better at posting regularly!

    I'm planning to do an empties post soon and I'll probably have a couple of the same items as you (Batiste, Pulp Friction - love them both!) x

    1. Awww thank you lovely, im feeling allot better and more like myself now. Oooooh I cant wait to see your empties, im abit obsessed with seeing what people are actually using up each month. I think I need to get shares in Batiste the amount im getting through haha x x

  2. Your health should alway scone before blogging:) hope you're doing well!
    Great post! I adore empties posts:)

    1. Im doing well now thank you lovely :):) I love empties too because shows what you actually use and if you buy it again its obviously a good product. x x


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