Sunday, 30 September 2012

Halloween Idea #1 Im a barbie Girl....

Heyy Everyone...
Its that time of year where I cant get Halloween off my brain, I LOVE Halloween, infact the only thing that beats it for me is Christmas. I actually already have ordered my Halloween outfit, it hasn't came yet but im so excited to get it. Im gona keep it as a surprise for my blog and do a post on it at the time... eeek cant wait!!! 

So my plan is to try a few different Halloween looks and show you the results. My first look is Barbie, I know shes not your conventional Halloween look but I was inspired by a recent Pixiwoo video and I thought it might be fun. 

I didnt have to buy anything to create this look, I used cheap little pots of eyeshadow I had in white, baby pink and a darker pink. Pink lipliner and a Barry M pink gloss. My only regret is the Primark lashes, I wasnt fully happy with them but they were all I had available. 

If you would like a full list of products I could do that but it was all just cheap bits I had lying round. 

Im quite happy with this as a first attempt and I cant wait to do more looks... Feel free to leave me any ideas, or something you wana see. 

Sooo are you getting dressed up this year?? If so do you know what your going to be?? 

Lucy x x


  1. The lashes look fine to me! I love the cheeks!

    1. The cheeks are a pink stargazer eyeshadow haha. Thank youu x x

  2. you have the most amazing eyes :) x


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