Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My New Winter Must Haves

Heyy Everyone...
So if you live in England like I do you will not of been without constant rain for going on four days now. It feels quite bitter out too and is a big sign that winters on its way. While out shopping I decided I was in need of some things to help me through this weather. 

I think two things are a must and thats boots and a coat, so I popped into Primark to see what they had. 

I decided I wanted a black coat, one I could basically throw on with anything, I wanted it to be longer than my waist because I want it to keep me warm but I still wanted it to look good. I believe this coat I bought ticked all my boxes, as soon as I tried it on I knew this was the coat for me. I love the fur collar and I love the leather look tie round the waist and the same material on the pockets and sleeves too. Having the tie round the waist makes it so flattering and I think thats important in a coat. This cost £28.00 and I think thats an amazing price for a coat, especially one ill get so much wear out of. 
Next up I wanted some boots, I didnt have any particular ones in mind, just knew I wanted them to be black. As soon as I saw these wedge knee highs I loved them. Ive had a love/hate affair with knee high boots over the years, its so hard to get ones that fit properly and ive never found ones that are comfy enough for me to wear during the day. I adore wedges they give you hight but are comfy and easy to walk in, next I had to try them on and as a girl who doesnt have skinny legs its always a case of will it/wont it zip up. They zipped up fine so I was very happy. If you have that problem with knee highs too id pop into Primark and try some on. I cant remember how much they were I think they were £20, so absolute bargain. 

Ive wore the boots a couple of times now and my only issues are they are a suede type material, so not ideal for the rainy weather, and as I walk they are abit too big round my ankles because I have small ankles compared to my calfs. That could be down to my legs tho and not the boot. Other than that im delighted with them and can see me getting plenty of wear out of them. 

So tell me have you started picking up your bits for winter? If so what you bought? Ive even started my Xmas shopping too... EEK!!!

Lucy x x 


  1. Love the knee highs, I think I'm too short to wear them :(
    You mad thing crimbo shopping already!! Your so organised though so well done :)

    1. Aww thank you my love, I have cant believe ive started xmas already, I plan to be 'almost done' come early Dec.. thats my plan anyway haha x x

  2. Fab boots, they are amazing. Need some like that, and a new coat I think. I definitely want to have my Christmas shopping done by the end of November, shops are already crazy!

    Ellie | Misseblog xo

    1. I know its ridiculous, but this year is flying so fast think christmas will be here before we know it. EEK x x


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