Friday, 28 December 2012

Belated Happy Christmas and My Main Prezzy

Heyyy Everyone...
Well first of all let me start by wishing you all a very belated Happy Christmas, I hope you all had a lovely day. My day consisted of presents, family, food and crap telly was perfect. 

I decided what I wanted for Christmas probably back in November and im not usually the kind of girl who ever asks for things because I like seeing what people buy themselves, but as this was so expensive I figured id have to try justify it by saying its a Christmas present haha. 

So what I got was the Philips SC2002 Lumea Precision IPL Hair Removal System. So basically a lazer hair remover for home use. I have very light skin but body hair can be the bane of my life, I shave my legs and they literally feel smooth for an hour before the pricky feeling comes. Ive tried waxing and I cant stand the pain so only got through half of one leg. I read up lots of reviews on the Philips Lumea and they all sounded very promising so im 'hoping' to be hair free in say six months... fingers crossed. 

It says in the instructions to use this every 2 weeks... then 4 and so on. Ive used it about 3 times now and ive noticed slight changes in my body hair for example my armpits have little bald patches and my leg hair isnt growing back as quick. Ive noticed no change in my bikini line tho but im hoping that will just need more using because the hair there is more coarse. 

When using this you push it against the area you want the hair to be removed and press a button, you do feel a slight tingle against your skin but its nothing unbearable at all. Ive also used it on my upper lip and that felt fine, not hair free but id say its reduced. 

This cost £350 from Boots as they had a £50 off offer on at the time, and also with the points I got off buying this on my reward card ive ordered the Babyliss Big Hair so I think if your going to make sure a big purchase then Boots is the answer. 

Ill keep you updated on my progress with this as its still early days for me and I know this takes time so im trying to be patient. 

Im now about to catch up on everyones Christmas posts and videos ive missed, and I cant wait im a nosy thing and love seeing what everyone got. 

Hope your all well and enjoying this festive period. 

Lucy x x 


  1. Can't wait to see if this works, ive got olive skin and black hair its the bane of my life! Ive gotta wax, pluck, shave and thread every bloody where!

    Merry Christmas Luce and all the best for the new year xxx

    1. Ohhh its a nightmare isnt it, the things us girls have to go through. Ill do a update in a few months see how im getting on, but I just hope it works.

      Thank you lovely, you too x x

  2. Very interested if it works :)

  3. You'll definitely have to let us know how you get on with this!


  4. Ohh Id love one of these! I'd love to see how you get on :)

  5. This sounds really good, its something I would definitely be interested in x

  6. Can't wait to seethe long term review!


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