Saturday, 4 May 2013

The £5.00 Matalan Summer Dress

Heyy Everyone, 
Well I had to share this rather amazing bargain I found. I'm not a massive shopper in Matalan but while bored one evening I decided to have a nose on their website because they do have some gems sometimes and I do like their home section. 
I found a cute floral print summer dress that came in a few different colours for 5 POUND, I could not believe it. I initially wanted the hot pink one, but that was sold out completely. When I clicked on the other colours they was only available in size large so I thought well if its a bit big its ok, I don't mind. 
So they arrived today and the size large being the only size available actually turned out to be a blessing because they fit exactly the way I would like. My first thoughts is, they are quite short and the material is thin. However the print is gorgeous and the elastic bit at the top fits really nice, nothing worse than having to keep hoying strapless things up all the time. 

I ordered one in a orangy peach colour and the other a greeny turquoise. I think they are so cute and I cant wait to wear them, we just need the sun now, if it ever does come!!
If your going to order i'd probably go a size up, because to me I dont think you could class these dresses as a true large so just bare that in mind especially if your a bit curvier like me. 

Hope your all enjoying your weekend, i'm just currently recovering from yet another dose of tonsillitis, it really does get me down sometimes, but i'm feeling allot better than I did.   

Also I managed to get my hands on 5ive tickets yesterday, I swear i'm so excited, they were my ultimate boyband when I was growing up, was never a Take That fan, was East 17 and then 5ive all the way for me, Abz was such a massive crush of mine and I remember covering all my school books with posters of him. I managed to get us really good seats so roll on November, iv'e already been blasting all their songs out getting in the mood haha. 

Are any of you going to see 5ive too?? Or any other exciting concerts?? 

Love Lucy x x


  1. Wow I love the Peachy one! I wish we had Matalan in Ireland! :( xxx

    1. Aww that is a shame, because it really does have some gems in from time to time. They are so cute arn't they, just need some sun nowww xx

  2. Tomorrow is meant to be really sunny so maybe you'll get a chance. Love the turquoise one!

    1. Oooh really, music to my ears that is :):) xx

  3. I'd like the peachy one the most.

    Have a nice day xx

  4. ooo so cute!!! I wish I had green one!! Aw I hope you are feeling better. And I Freaking hope I do get to see a good show this summer but I don't know if anyone is going to be around in my area in Canada. Have a blast!


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