Monday, 25 October 2010

Starting a Blog from scratch

Heyy everyone...
I am very new to the world of blogging, but believe it could be a new love of mine. I follow other ppls blogs and youtube channels and its fastly coming an obsession of mine sooooo I've decided to set up my own blog.
This will be my very own glorious space dedicated to Make Up (my number 1 love) Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, Glitter.... basically all things girly that i have a real passion for.
I'm currently getting super excited for Halloween this week, me and a few of my friends are dressing up and going into town, I dressed as Lady Gaga last year and had an absolute ball. This year I'm opting for a sort of witch look, so I've been out getting lots of fun bits and bobs for that. Hopefully ill get some pics uploaded as i plan on creating a crazy make up look, not totally sure what the finished product is going to be yet but i have lots of face gems, glitter and all that jazz!!!
Follow me and we will go on this crazy ride 2getha :) :)


  1. Hey! :) I've just found your blog from your comment on MissBeautyBudget's latest post.
    Good luck! and i'm looking forward to hearing more from you in the future xx

  2. Awww thanx hunni, my first follower I LOVE it, thanks so much!!! Lots more to come :) :) xxx


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