Monday, 28 February 2011

Victoria Jackson Set, My Prezzy for my mummy for Mothers Day :)

Heyyy every1...
OMG Ive been away soooo long, but Ive been a very busy girl as I turned 26 last Friday.. I had an amazing weekend with lots of fun and food, and now I'm just getting myself back to normality. 
So this is abit of a random post but i thought its something id like to share with you guys. As i was out shopping in Liverpool today, I walked past some girls who were stood at a stand approaching ppl as they passed by. Now usually I avoid these ppl like the plague because most the time I cant be bothered standing round discussing gas and electric rates or broadband its bores me silly... but this was different the lady who approached me used the M word.. MAKE UP!!! So i was sucked in instantly. 
The make up was by Victoria Jackson, who I was honest about saying id never heard of, and I got shown all the products included

So included here there is a shimmer powder brush, a lip trio lip gloss and plumper that comes in a very cute black little case, a special edition survival kit that includes 5 matte eye shadows, 5 shimmer eye shadows, 2 blushers, 1 mascara, 1eye pencil, 1 lip pencil, 5 lip colours, a mirror and a pencil sharpener, this is one the coolest things Ive ever seen and would be sooo good for traveling or taking in your bag. you also get a purse petite minis that has gorgeous smokey eye colours as well as lip colours and finally a beauty tips book filled with make up tips. 
Sooo by this time i was massively sucked in, all this cost me £30 and I thought it would make a fantastic gift for my mum for mothers day, I always like to pick a really nice prezzy for this occasion as its always good for a mum to know she really is special on that day :)
As I've decided to keep it as a gift I've not stuck my finger in any of the products but I really hope they are good. 
So id love to know if you have used these products or heard anything of them because its totally new to me :) :) 

Love Lucy xx

PS As you can imagine I got LOTS n LOTS for my very happy birthday sooooo there will be a new post very soon showing you all my lovely things. Keep ya eye out for that :) :) 


  1. I have a lipgloss trio by Victoria Jackson that I got given for Christmas. I haven't heard of the brand either but the lipglosses are lush, they have a really nice minty smell :) xx

  2. Yeahhh my mum was really made up with it all, and she was telling me about the lip glosses. I love minty lip stuff... yummy haha x x x


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