Sunday, 13 March 2011

To dye or not to dye.... Helppp!!! :S

Heyy gorgeous ppl...
Well here is a pic taken of me at a party last night. I had a lovely night and really enjoyed myself, went down to my mums today for a much needed roast dinner, sorted my hangover out a treat :) 
Anyway on to the matter in hand, as you can see I have blonde hair, I have the top half of my hair bleached and the underneath is a sort of warm brown colour.  
I love this hair colour so much but recently the damage its doing to my hair is HUGE!! I have snapped hair all over the place and its honestly really getting to me. I spend a fortune on hair products but nothing really works as once your hair is so damaged the only thing to save it is getting it cut :(
Today ive been having a good long think about what to do with my hair and im seriously debating going dark... like really dark!!! But im so scared ill hate it and be craving my blonde back in speedy time. 
Im in need of help, shall I go dark, or shall I stick with the colour I love and just put up with the damage? 
Any hair ideas would be very welcome :) :)

Lucy xx


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous, I dye my hair dark brown and I'm seriously tempted to go blonde (I'm a natural dark blonde). Dark hair is easier to care for and it will definitely make your hair pop. x

  2. You're in exactly the same position as nme, mine is bleached and shoulder length and will not grow. I went to Toni & Guy to see what they could do and they said it was in such bad condition I had to wait two months and treat it everyday before they'd put any sort of colour on it!

    This is what my hair looks like at the moment and i'm considering going a light brown

  3. I was told at my last hair app if i wanted to keep it this colour id prob have to get a bob, just dont think id suit a bob.
    I wake up every morning with a big candy floss head and end up just putting it up in a bobble coz i cant be bothered with it!!!
    But i soooo do love being blonde!!!!
    I think i will end up going dark tho, just for the sake of my poor hair haha xxx

  4. Haha candy floss head! Me too! When I blow-dry mine it's horrific. The top layer has completely snapped off aswell

  5. Maybe you could switch to a medium color all over that's closer to your natural shade and then add light highlight to limit the damage. That's what I've been doing recently, and I've been really happy with it!

    love your blog! following you now :)

  6. Arr thank you so much honey :) :) xx

  7. Woww you look COMPLETELY different now your a brunette. I didnt recognise you! You look beautiful both ways, but I think brown hair looks really elegant :) I have just found your blog and I am now following it... hope you check out my blog xxx

  8. Awww thanks very much, Im loving the dark hair atm, now im used to it, but prob wnt be long b4 im blonde again haha x x x


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