Thursday, 2 June 2011

Lucy Loves Gok...

Heyyy everyone..
I just had to do a post and let you in on one my biggest loves over this week. 
For the first time tho its not fashion/beauty related, it is in fact a book. 

Through Thick and Thin - Gok Wan

Through Thick and Thin: My Autobiography [Book]

"With his infectious energy and charisma, Gok Wan helps women love themselves - but its not until you read his own inspirational story that you find out where he got that gift from"

So I dunno bout you guys but im a massive Gok fan, and have been for many many years now. Oh what I would give for a Gok makeover or even just to be in his company, I think hes just amazing inside and out. What he does for womens confidence is unreal, and Im usually sat holding back the tears at the end of every episode of how to look good naked.

I also know my mum is a big Gok fan too, so when doing my christmas shopping last year I seen he had brought out his Autobiography. I instantly picked this up for my mum as she is a BIG book reader and I knew she would love it.
She told me the book was great and she couldnt put it down, I was happy she enjoyed what I bought her and didnt give it much more thought.

So to cut a long story short my mum insisted I lend the book, and I have completed it in less than a week. I actually found myself happy at the thought of reading more and more.. each page making me love him more.

Things haven't always been easy for Gok, it has some real sadness in the book but also lots of good and warmth, he delivers it all with his honest, charming, cheeky wit that we have all came to know and love him for.

So hopefully your still with me and not bored through the lack of beauty/fashion in this post haha.

Hope your all well, and looking forward to the weekend as its meant to be a hot one.... woop woop x x

Speak soon
Lucy x x x


  1. Helloooo. Your blog is very nice. I liked it. I have a very interesting blog. You should visit and follow my blog. Thanks.

  2. This sounds very interesting! I have never heard of Gok but I will google this book and see if I can find it around here :)

  3. Oh really hes a stylist, and he has many programs where he helps women with low self confidence love themselves again, they go on this big journey with him and its so good to see. His shows are called how to look good naked, and Goks fashion fix, see if ya fancy giving them a watch if ya can get them online or something? :) :) x x

  4. Ohh maybe a new holiday read? Gok is pretty ace, I love it on fashion fix (i think it was this show) where he made them put all their dowdy clothes on a washing line and get rid of them


  5. I love Gok Wan I think hes amazing! I loved Goks fashion fix when it was on X

  6. I just came across your blog and i love it!

    youre super gorgerous and i love the last post you posted.

    love the pink dress :)

  7. I love Gok, I love all his shows and bought one of his books for my mum too, although it wasn't the autobiography, I think I'll have to give this book a try. Thanks for the recommendation dear xxx


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