Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Ive been shopping..... ohhh yeahhhh :D :D

Heyyy everyone..
Going to share with you what I bought on a little shopping trip yesterday, yeyyyy!!!
Some of you may remember a post I done on a Asos dress I had my eye on, well I ordered the dress and first time it was delivered it was the wrong size so I sent it back requesting my size and they sent it back again correct size but this time wrong colour... grrrr I was not happy. So ive sent it back again this time requesting a refund. Im gutted but the dress was for a christening this week, so pretty pointless now. 
I knew I needed a new dress for this week so I headed into town yesterday. Had a sneeky quick stop in Primark first of all, even tho I knew I wouldnt get my dress in there, I always have a nose in Primark first its like my little routine haha. 
So heres what I got from Primark...

First of all is a T-shirt with two of my great loves on 1) Marilyn Monroe and 2) Leopard print. Soon as I seen this t-shirt I knew I had to have it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Marilyn Monroe, she is a big icon of mine. I wore this top today with a pair of jeggings and i love how it looks on too, very casual but cute too. Now I remember seeing this top was £8.00 but im looking at my receipt and it says £5.90 so im not sure if its on sale or something... BONUS!!!
Next is a denim jacket in quite a light wash. I got this jacket as its so hard to know how the weather is going to be, one minute its hot then its cold so I thought a nice lil denim jacket will be great for those inbetween days. That cost £16.00
Then I got this vest top, love the pattern on the front and especially the fringe detail. I think this will look so cute with denim shorts. That cost £6.00.
I also picked up some underwear and sleepwear but wont show you those. 

Next I went to New Look...

So first up are a pair of harem pants. These are a very love/hate item with ppl, but I personally love them. I think they are so comfy and easy to wear but still look good. I went for a orangy red sort of colour and they cost £9.99
Next up is my chosen dress for the christening this week. Im gutted as I dont think the pics here are doing it justice. Its a strapless maxi dress, the top is nice and fitted and the bottom is a lovely mix of colours. Hopefully I can get you some pics wearing it before I go out. Only thing is as im only 5'3 even in my highest heels its still too long so im debating putting it in the dryer for abit of shrinkage haha. Always a drama with me. This cost £30 but it is for a special occasion and I love it, so worth it I reckon :) :)

Next up Peacocks for some accessories..

Here we have a ring that has all dangling beads on it, I think it looks unusual and I got the matching bracelets too. Each cost £6.00

Next up a recent Ebay purchase...

Once again, the pics just arnt doing it here, its a strapless all in one suit, and the trouser bit is abit harem style and they are cropped at just above your ankle. Its from New Look, and cost JUST £5.00. God I love Ebay sometimes, its in fantastic condition and I couldnt be happier.

Last but by no means least im going to show you what i have bought for my friends little girl who is getting christened this week. Be prepared now for total 100% cuteness... 

How amazinggggggggg is this skirt???? I just love it to bits, and if I could get away with dressing in one of these every day I WOULD..... haha.
I really hope she likes it :) :)

So thats me all done for now. Hope you enjoyed this post. 
Speak soon 
Lucy x x x


  1. the tops from primark are nice and the jacket great for when the wheather cant make its mind up these days.the dress is lovely and i no what you mean being 5'3 with maxi dresses they are long even with heels i always have this vison of my tripping over it,they need to take in to consideration the little people in the world :)x

  2. love the Marilyn Monroe top! And that skirt for your friends daughter is ADORABLE!!! Great post =)

  3. ooo I love the demin jacket; I've been looking for one aswell. Defo need to pop into primark now! Lol Great post and thank you xxx


  4. That dress from New Look, bet it looks stunning on!!


  5. Everything looks so stunning! Love it!

  6. Thank you all soooo much, really happy with these buys here. x x x

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  8. Hi hi!
    Your blog is just my style!!
    Loved it, I'm already following. Could you follow me too??
    Pinky kisses!!
    Alice Dias


  9. Oh I want the denim jacket! I've looked around for one for ages and all I can find in my sleepy town are the really fitted uber cropped ones. This looks perfect though. hmmm I am heading to stoke on Sunday where they have a HUGE primark....


  10. Great haul, love the New Look Dress :).

    Sadie x


  11. @Eloise - yayyy for big primarks, the one in liverpool is pretty good but I didnt rate the one in manchester, I have only been once tho. I know how you feel ive been on the look out for a nice denim jacket for agessss... and only just found one I like. Hope you find one too :) x x

    @Sadie - Thank you very much, im following you :) x x

  12. Beautiful tops you've bought! love the colorful ring and bangles ^^ The skirt is adorable! lovely haul post :) x

  13. those new look hareems are gorgeous ahhh loving them, I want them sooo much :o xx

  14. Hi pretty!I like those clothes and your blog background:"dreams come true"

    You are welcome follow my blog too ;)



  15. so annoying about the dress, I've heard a few people having complaints about asos. anyway, looks like you've bought some other great stuff

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  16. Cute stuff!
    I need to go shopping!

  17. I'm in LOVE with that vest top!! I can't believe we don't have a Primark in the states yet. You really have got to stop getting cute clothes from there, I'm totally jealous! haha
    New follower =)

  18. Yayy new follower :) :) Omg its a sin you dont have a Primark, hopefully you will get one soon for cheap easy fashion haha x x x


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