Tuesday, 28 June 2011

My River Island Fashion Crushes right now.....

Heyy everyone..
Hope your all well. I have a night out this friday and.... NO DRESS!!! Not even so much as an idea of what im going to wear. Also in the back of my mind is the fact im attending a friends wedding later this year thats going to be in The Hilton Hotel. No doubt its going to be a fabulous day full of fabulous things and the thought of what im going to wear is stressing me out to put it mildly. Ive not seen anything I think is WOW enough. 
So ive been dedicating a little time to having a look online and as usual my eye does wander on to things that are irrelevant to what im actually looking for but I want it all the same. 
Here are a few of my fashion crushes Ive just came across.... yummy!!!!

orange print kimono dress - day dresses - dresses - women - River Island

I just love this, I think the recent burst of hot weather we have had has made me want more summery clothes.

orange platform sandals - heels - shoes / boots - women - River Island

Wow.. Just check these babies out. 

beige leopard print wheelie suitcase - luggage - bags / purses - women - River Island

OH..MY...GOD... this ^^^^^^^  is making me crave a holiday even more than I already am. Its sooooo me "tacky but in a good way" haha thats actually how I described myself to my bf the other day and he was laughing his head off lol.

turquoise feather hoop earrings - earrings - jewellery - women - River Island

I have peacock ones similar to these and Love them!!! o statement!!!

coral embellished tassel dress - summer dresses - holiday shop - women - River Island

Gorgeous colour... imagine this with a sexy summer tan. Im drooling haha

purple models own nail varnish - gifts / cosmetics - accessories - women - River Island

This colour really stood out to me, I really like the Models Own polishes and I own a few. This one I think is a must for my collection.

Sooo Im gona leave it there for now before I get carried away haha. As you can see all items while they are fabulous they are not suitable for a friday night out or a wedding in The Hilton. Anyhooo ive had fun looking.
All these items are from the River Island website and ive included all the links should you like to check them out for yourself. I warn you tho ill be extreamly jealous :D 

Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday nights, I believe the new series of Gordon Ramseys kitchen nightmares USA is starting tonight so im rather chuffed about that. Yep... im a crazy kat!!!! :D

Bye for now
Lucy x x x


  1. You've put together some beautiful, vibrant colours :) so summery and exotic.
    Much love for it!

  2. That coral tassle dress would looks so great on the beach or for the pool! nice stuff here :-)


  3. Muy interesante tu blog además tienes unos ojos impresionante

    follow you


  4. So gorgeous and summery aren't they x x


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