Monday, 4 July 2011

Quickie Shoe Collection

Heyy everyone..
So while I had a slight energy boost from all the pain killers i'm on I decided to have a little sort out of my shoes. I do this every now and again to get rid of any that are really wrecked or ones I just will never wear again. 
So in this little spring clean 3 pairs went to the bin and 2 pairs will be going the local charity shop. So whats left I hear you cry, well im about to tell you....
Ive never ever laid all my shoes in one place before, but I did today so I could show you all and I done a rough count that came to about 33. Now im quite disappointed with that number I thought it was ALLOT more haha. As I said I do have regular sort outs, but its left me thinking I need to go shoe shopping once on the road to recovery :) 

Here are the picture I took, it does look a little messy but I didnt know how else to do it. 

There they are, all my babies :)

So I best go and crack on with this room while I still got abit of energy in me.
Got a post coming up with my rcent buys from last week before I got ill, so stay tuned for that. 
Soooo close now to 100 followers so im going to start thinking of something nice for a giveaway, because you all really do mean allot to me.

Bye for now, before I get mushy and make everyone want to be sick. 
Lucy x x x


  1. You can never have enough shoes ;) x

  2. 100% agree... I will be buying more... and more... and MORE!!!! haha x x

  3. I agree with Sadie a girl can never have enough shoes. xx

  4. my my wat a shoe-aholic i found rite now.... love ur collection

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  5. I totally agree with Sadie! I keep buying and still have yet to wear some of the ones I have but that doesn't stop me! haha

  6. hahaha love it... Shoes are a very important part of a womans life, and unlike clothes can never make you look fat ;) haha x x x

  7. I spy some nude/cream heels with a strap across that look stunning!!
    I've been banned from buying any more shoes as I have no more room for them, working in Office didn't help!!

  8. I have massive issues with shoe storage, havnt a clue how to store them properly, there just in bottom of me wardrobe now :(
    I banned myself from buying more shoes ages ago but looking here the bans officially lifted haha. A job in Office wud not help 1 tiny bit, they hav amazing shoes in there x x x

  9. you have so many cute shoes! i need more shoes too! i don't think i have that many pairs, and i definitely need more! :)

  10. Aww thanx chick, I do love my shoes :) :) x x x

  11. nice blog & post!
    :) you can find me at

    & now on facebook!

    hope to see you there!

  12. Thank you very much girlies :) x x x


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