Friday, 17 June 2011

Party Time...

Heyyyy everyone...
Well first of all let me explain the week ive had. Went to a party on Sunday to celebrate my friends baby girls christening day. The party was really good, with lots of great food, drink, cakes, music... Then we all decided to carry on the partying to a local pub. Now because my friend had been stressing sooooo much about the day and worrying if everything would go well once we hit the pub we decided it was time to relax and have a good time. We done that by having many, many, many shots :S :S
The night time was also amazing, I didnt stop laughing and dancing all night but I was extremely drunk. In-fact the most ive been drunk in years. 
So I return home at a reasonable hour, but I woke the next day actually feeling like death. I did not move out the bed ALL day, and was feeling very sorry for myself. Tuesday was much the same and didnt start to feel a little better till Wednesday... Honestly WTF!!!! 
So im now sworn off alcohol for a long time. 
Then to add to my hungover/feeling very sorry for myself state of mind I decided to pick my laptop up by its screen as ive done many times only this time my thumb cracked it. Soooo I wasnt happy to say the least. Anyway ill cut a long story short and I now have a new laptop screen AND im feeling back to myself :) :) Smiles all round :) :)

Heres a few lil piccys of me before I left for the christening. Hope you like...

Had an amazing time, and so lucky I didnt take my camera out to capture how I was looking later on... no doubt ill get tagged in a few tho haha.
I missed you guys while my laptop was getting fixed, so im now going to catch up with all the blog/youtube action ive missed :) 

Speak soon 
Lucy x x x x


  1. this dress is literally beautiful! you look lovely!


  2. gorgeous outfit :-) I find the same the thing happens when I drink too. It takes way longer to recover. x

  3. that dresss is lovely and i love the pink earing your hair is so lovely and long and shiny what do you use on it,i have very dull hair naturally.glad ur back love reading your posts :) x

  4. Beautiful dress and your make up looks fab. I can't do shots anymore, not without booking Monday off work! lol x

  5. Arrr Thanx so much girlies, makes my day you taking time to read this.
    @Barbie dolly - ive been so bad with my hair recently since going black I dont give it as much attention as when I was blonde. Most the hair there is extensions n they are foxy locks. x x x

  6. You are so gorgeous!! :] I love your hair and your amazing eyelashes! :]

  7. The dress , the shoes and the earrings are beautiful and look really nice on you.

  8. your hair is gorgeous, you should totally do a hair tut. i love the contrast with the bright pink feathers earrings.

  9. LOVE the accessories! and you look gorgeous!


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