Monday, 25 July 2011

Ombre Hair - Sorry about jumping on the bandwagon!!!!

Heyy beautiful people..
Everyone who knows me knows how I am with my hair, I get bored really easy and im always thinking about what I can do next.
 Now as some of you will be aware I had bleached blonde hair for about 3 years, it massively took its toll on my hair, resulting in serious snapping and me having to get ALLOT of it cut off. 
To cut a long story short I home dyed it a natural black and im now on a regrowing mission.  
After reading all this you may be surprised im after a new look with my hair, but im following my same old pattern of getting bored. My new love is ombre hair, yes yes I know massive jumping on the bandwagon and im sorry for that but I really do love the look. 
I have 2 worries - I think most ombre hair looks best on long hair, mine is short, and also it involves using more bleach on my already damaged hair that is only just starting to feel better. Or maybe I could just bleach the ends of my extensions...
I dont know maybe im letting myself get way too excited when really I should just concentrate on getting my hair back to a good state. 
Would love to hear what you guys think, and here are some of my favorite ombre hair pictures to swoon at.

Soo there it is my new hair love in all its glory. Maybe ill be brave and take the plunge or maybe ill just dream haha.
Also Alexa Chung is the only short style I like, but I think you could put her in a paper bag and she would still look fab.

Tell me what you think, I need advice :) :)
Speak soon
Lucy x x x x


  1. I like it, I really like Alexa's and also really like how Ashlee simpson has her's in the picture. I say do it. I am the same way with my hair, get bored easily that's why I chopped like 12 inches off! haha

  2. im gonna get ombre hair in the autumn, i cnt wait. i love ashlee simpsons cos its so subtle and drew barrymore cos its so vibrant :)

    i wonder which way ur gonna go :P

    BreezeyBee Blog

  3. Ahhh I just love this look girlies, I can hear my mums voice in my head telling me off for even considering it.... saying it will end in tears haha. I got allot of thinking to do but i very much work on impulse. Will keep you posted ;) x x x

  4. i absolutely LOVE the blog! you have great taste and style. you are so interesting and inspirational! it would mean so much if you swung by my blog and gave me a couple of opinions on it! i would love to see what you think! :)

    follow me?

  5. it would be pretty but the split ends!

  6. ooo ive been after this for ages too... i love drew barrymoores and rachel bilsons... and like you have short hair (well the same length as Alexa's) so i didn't know if it would look right... id say if your not sure whether it would do even more damage tp your hair, just dye ur extensions =)


  7. I knowww, I dont think I could bring myself to put it on my own hair but im considering maybe on my extensions... damn i with my hair would hurry up and growww x x x

  8. yeah, i'm gonna agree with you and pebbz- try it on the extensions first. i think the best ombre'd hair is lily aldridge!! i'd do it for sure if i could figure out how to get hair like hers!

  9. I think im buying the dye today for my extensions... eeeek!!!! hope it goes well x x


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