Saturday, 23 July 2011

OOTD My First Playsuit, PLUS The Body Shop Goodies :)

Heyyy Everyone...
Wow had such a busy day today. Just sat down now with my cuppa and a few biccys (hob nob cookies) nice and chilled so decided to do a post of my outfit today plus show you my Body Shop order that arrived this morning.

There was a fabulous offer on The Body Shop website, where if you spent £40 you got £20 knocked off. Far too good to pass up and not sure if the offer is still running so go check it out quick if interested. So heres what I decided to get.
First of all I picked up a baked bronzer in shade 01:golden bronze. Ive never owned anything at all thats baked but ive been eyeing them up for a while. I love the colour of this bronzer but if you dont like shimmer then its not for you, as there are specs of glitter in it.
Next is a baked blusher in shade 02:coral. Im a real blusher girl, LOVE my blushers and this made my heart skip a beat. Although im not sure I would describe the colour as coral, its more pink toned. Both blusher and bronzer are nice and easy to apply and can be used light for a natural look or built up. 

Heres a pic of my cheek with both bronzer and blusher, altho the camera is washing me out, you can see how pretty they look on the skin. Please excuse my naked eye, hadn't got round to my eye make up yet haha.

I also picked up two hair products as some of you may know I used to bleach my hair, I now have black hair but its still in terrible condition until I regrow all my hair.
I picked up Rainforest Radiance detangling spray and Grapeseed glossing serum. 
Havnt had a chance to use the detangling spray yet but ive used the serum and I am so happy with the results, it made my nasty damaged hair feel normal once more :)

Next here is my OOTD/FOTD
Some of you may remember a post I done about a playsuit I recently bought. I wore it today for the first time. 

I paired the playsuit with flat sandals and a denim jacket, for a nice casual day look. 

Here is my finished FOTD. Revlon colourstay foundation, Body Shop blusher and bronzer, Mac eyeshadow from a Viva Glam Cindi Lauper Palette, Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara, primark pencil eyeliner, Smashbox brow kit and a clear gloss by George. I really love mixing everything up with cheap and expensive. From make up to fashion...

PS your seeing my natural hair here so please be kind, I have allot of growing to do. 
PPS If you have not already entered my giveaway from my previous post go check it out, some really good prizes to be won :) :)

Congrats if you made it this far with me haha. Right im off to make another brew. 

Big hugs
Lucy x x x x


  1. Thanx very much, so comfy too x x x

  2. i like the playsuit too :) looks well nice on you, and your face is flawless and ur hair doesnt look half bad either!

    listen to me lol full of compliments :/ but i do love your whole look. and those eyelashes :O

    BreezeyBee Blog

  3. hahaha ahhhh babes my head wont fit through the front door with ur comments haha. Nahh thanx very much, ur a sweetheart, big kisses :) :) x x x

  4. love the playsuit! I just can't find any of a suitable design for me, but you look fab in yours!

  5. @Sophie thanx very much babe, I know what ya mean playsuits have been very hit and miss with me too, untilI found this one. Stick with it and you will find the right one :) :) x x x

  6. I wish I'd got this bronzer, I got the lighter one and it is lovely but doesn't match my skintone very well. Gorgeous outfit too!


  7. Aww no really?? :( maybe you could use it to highlight or something, I bet a nice highlighter will be handy for ya hols. x x x

  8. You look gorgeous, the bronzer and blush look lovely on you! And I love the playsuit xxx

  9. Im so chuffed with them, used them every day lol. Thanx very much :) x x x

  10. Love Your Playsuit, Such a fab colour on you :) i cant get enough of playsuits at the moment!! xx

  11. Aww thanks :) :) I am LOVING your outfit posts atm so thats a massive compliment haha. Im loving playsuits too, spesh with this warmer weather, lets hope it keeps up x x


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