Friday, 19 August 2011

Do Blondes really have more fun...

Heyy everyone...
My second post of the night go me!! haha
Well as some of you may know when I first started this blog I was blonde, I now have black hair. I felt I needed to go back dark to give my hair a much needed break from all the bleach. 

It took me about two weeks to get used to my dark hair ( I was blonde for about 3-4 years) but once I did I loved it.

Now recently ive been having really strong feelings of missing my blonde. So much so I envy girls with blonde hair in the street and in my mums the other day my dad was going through some family pics and I struggled to even look because I was blonde on the pics.

My mum says im crazy, and infact the majority of people I know say they prefare me with dark hair, but not me.
Im cringing at the thought of how much time and money it took to get blonde, and I know it cant be done overnight. 

Im actually going to see a girl who does my mums hair next week and have a little chat with her. As it stands now I think im going to go a light brown and then get blonde put through bit by bit.

So girls im inviting you to join me on my mission to get back blonde, although I will NEVER get bleach all over ever again, it just kills your hair. 

I will get back here one day... HOPEFULLY :) :)

Heres how I am now...

So guys what do you think?? 
Join me in the blonde/brunette debate :) 

Speak soon 
Lucy x x x x


  1. Like you, I'm pretty pale with blue eyes and I'm a natural dark blonde/light brown, but I dye my hair dark brown and this is the look I (and most people) prefer on me. Ijust like how it emphasize my pale skin and eyes!

  2. Oh I know what you mean, I do love how the dark hair makes my blue eyes pop x x

  3. you looklovely as a blonde but great as a brunette too. i preffer the blonde as it makes you look younger
    Breezeybee Blog

  4. Yes, they do :)

    I say you bleach your hair blonde again

  5. It looks good both ways. but I gotta say I prefer the dark :)
    But trust me my hair is naturally light brown but I HATE it & also go darker or blonde highlights.

  6. Aw don't feel like you need to go back to blonde, it's very pretty but with black hair your eyes pop crazy blue!! I think you look gorgeous with dark hair and I think you should keep it longer...I know ppl won't like this comment but I feel like there is so many blondes it's more original or something to have dark hair, and it's shiney and pretty :) I would never lighten my dark hair... I hope you keep it!

  7. I think you look gorgeous with both dark and blonde hair :) its really up to you. I personally love being blonde, but then i've never experienced having a different hair colour. I might love being a brunette more! Haha but really, you look stunning with either colour xx

  8. Hey there! I just found your blog and I have to say that I think you are gorgeous with the dark hair! It really suits you and makes you look exotic! Happy weekend!

    Stop by my wedding and romance blog sometimes! Would love to have you!

  9. The dark brown makes your eyes stand out but the blonde hair makes your skin look flawless ...tough one!

  10. I think the dark color suits you MUCH better - the blue eyes/dark hair combination is a very flattering one and it makes you stand out from the crowd.

  11. Arrr THANKS so much everyone for your lovely comments. I have read them all and take it all on board. I have the most amazing followers, hope your all having a great weekend x x x

  12. You know my thoughts, they're exactly the same as yours! I went a light brown and now it's starting to wash out and go orange. I think I'm going to leave it for a few months then gradually have some highlights put in. I miss being blonde so much!

  13. Well I've only just found your blog!

    But I lean more towards the dark end, but I'd have a gorgeous caramel brown colour with a few high/low lights if it was me.

    You're lucky you can pull off both!

    Dayner x |

  14. I think you look better darker! I know how you feel though i was blonde for about 7 years before i went dark, but now i wouldn't dream of going back! xx

  15. Oooh this is a toughy, I do love my hair blonder but it is such a pain to keep up, I love it when it's first highlighted but when i start to see the roots coming through I can't stand it. I like your hair dark, it really suits you but, you're lucky you can wear both x x


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