Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Beasts have been tamed!!!

Heyy everyone...
Today was such an exciting day for me, I was finally getting my HD Brows done. Ive never had them done before so I was a little nervous but I honestly couldnt wait. 

I went to a place in Liverpool called Nicola Harris Beauty, I done my research and this place seemed perfect. Alex Gerrard and pals have been there so I decided to channel my inner WAG haha. 

Its transformed an idyllic Georgian town house into a haven of comfort and relaxation. Inside its truly stunning, with a plush reception and huge comfy sofas. The Feeling of luxury hits you the second you walk through the door,a gorgeous spa with equally gorgeous and lovely staff. 

HD Brows are something ive been looking up and thinking about for a while now, I decided about 3 weeks ago to grow out my brows and get them done by a professional as good brows really do make all the difference. 

The girl who done my brows was called Rebecca and she was so lovely, talking me through everything she was doing as she was doing it. During the seven step programme, each brow is tinted, threaded, plucked, waxed, and trimmed before mineral make up and brow pencil are applied to complete the perfect brow.  
Laying back I was actually extremely relaxed even when getting waxed. Rebecca was so professional and took great care with my brows, I knew I was in good hands. 

When I very first seen my finished brows I was abit shocked because it was such a change but I loved them. I love the shape and colour, and I think they will have a customer in me forever now. 
These HD Brows cost £25, so allot more pricey than your usual brow tint and wax, but trust me girls its worth every penny and after two HD sessions, its then just about maintaining the achieved shape and needing only simple tweeze and wax sessions at a standard price. 

Here are the brows, sorry bout the pics I had to take them quick before camera died... really need a new camera!!!!

Im really over the moon with these and recommend them to anyone. Hope you like them as much as me :)

Speak soon
Lucy x x x


  1. gorgeous brows - it's worth it if all the wags go there, hehe!

    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  2. haha oh aye, just need the footballer bf now!!! Aww thanx hun x x

  3. Aaaahhh I'm so jealous, they look amazing! I hate my brows!

  4. Thanx chick, I highly recommend these, but growing your brows is hell!! xx

  5. Wowww! My eyebrows are basically ~my life~ and I've always had big 'uns, but if I didn't I would TOTALLY go for that treatment because they look amazing! Pinup brows forever!

  6. I've been looking for somewhere in Liverpool that does this! Thanks for doing this post I'm definitely gonna look into going here :) X

  7. Thanks girls, it means allot you like them too :) :) x x

  8. They look fab and that looks such a fab place too x

  9. That's an impressive result!!

  10. Wow they look perfect! Looks like such a nice place to go! I wish I had somewhere around here to go! Mine are terrible!

  11. Wow! they look amazing!!! I have never even heard of that but the turnout is awesome. And I love your earrings. too cute!

  12. They look great Luce! Really thick and full which i personally love. I have overplucked mine so much! They look really sharp x x

  13. They look awesome!
    Oh did you make a decision about your hair? Are you going blonde?

  14. Thanks for all the lovely comments girls, I means loads to me.
    @Eloise - I WILL be going lighter yeah, and eventually back blonde but ill be taking it slow and I wont ever get the bleach all over again, coz I want to try grow it. I was thinking of getting higlights and lowlights so its abit more natural blonde... god didnt think id ever hear myself say that haha x x x


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