Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bye Bye Black Hair...

Heyy everyone...
My second post of the night go me!!! :D
I finally made my appointment with the hairdresser in my bid to get my hair lighter an eventually go back blonde. As some of you may know back is super hard to get out your hair, so I knew I wasnt in for a easy ride. 
I had a bleach bath on my hair to try lift the black as much as possible then I had a warm copper brown put on my hair. 
Ive never been this colour before and if im honest hearing the words warm brown scared the living hell out of me, but I do really like it. 

Here are some quick pics..

So here it is, my new hair. Im loving it lighter already, and all im going to do is next month get it lighter, maybe get some blonde foils and keep going till im at the colour I want. I had to get a good trim too so my ends wasnt fried.  

I change my hair so much its unreal, if anybody has any recommendations for a good hair treatment let me know, because im really going to have to look after it.  

Speak Soon
Lucy x x x


  1. I like! Are you going to go back to super bleached blonde? I think I'm going to get a full head of highlights after christmas and just treat it loads up until then

  2. Nooo im never going back to the super bleached blonde, its just too damaging and such hard work. I will prob get bleach highlights and maybe some lowlights too so its a more natural blonde. Im thinking I should be there within two months :) :) I want to try grow it too... its all going to take time and im soooo impatient. Aww yeah some highlights will be lovely coz your really light anyway x x

  3. it looks so good already!
    really brings out the warm tones in your complexion

    Breezeybee Blog

  4. I've just gone blonde from brown so have needed to condition my hair lots- V05 hot oils have been great as they repair colour damage and heat damage and it only takes 2 minutes...also for growing your hair you might want to try Lee Stafford's Hair growth treatment from boots, i've just started using it because I read so many amazing reviews of it by people who swear by it! xxx

  5. yeah i think you looked good with black but this looks quite nice too i think blonde really suits you :) also maybe use a head and shoulders shampoo to keep your scalp healthy its not just for dandruff!

  6. I love it! I recently went from brown to blonde and my hairdresser was amazing as it came out a white-ish blonde after just a half head of highlights, and honestly the change from dark to light was the best thing I've done in ages and I'm nearer to my natural colour now which means my roots are no where near as bad! Good luck with going lighter :) x

  7. It looks great! Good to see a post from you =) Hope your feeling lots better girly!

  8. I love it this colour hun, soft brown looks good on you. I'm actually thinking of going the other way and growing my highlights out! I have had blonde highlights for about 12 years now, I need a change! lol xx

  9. Thank you girlies, I cant wait to get it the colour im after. My poor hair tho... lucky im not bald haha x x

  10. ahh I missed a couple posts and I am surprised you are going back to blonde! I loved the black!! but you are gorgeous no matter what color =)
    I would recommend Redken's Extreme Cat treatment, I felt like it really helped my damaged hair, I did a review on it if you are interested!

  11. Thanx for the tip hun ill check that out. Yeah im on my way back blonde, just missed it too much haha x x


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