Friday, 23 September 2011

Agent Provocateur - Unleash your Sexy Goddess!!

Heyy everyone..
I posted recently about a shopping trip to Tx Maxx and the great bargains I got there. Well at the same time I also Picked up this Agent Provocateur Cream.
Ive lusted after their stuff for ages, and I really want one of their fragrances. I think everything they do is just so classy and sexy so I was instantly drawn to this. 

 As you can see the packaging is truly stunning. A gorgeous gold shiny box with a plastic red bow.

Without flash

What they say;

"Gold of Pleasure Oil and Jojoba. Rice bran, to help soften and cushion the skin, with Shea Butter and special moisturizing aets of Lotus Milk extracts to help restore, refine and silkily smooth the body. Containing the secret agent of real Gold particles, this pampering body treat leaves skin beautifully fragranced with a subtle luxurious gold jewelled sheen"

I could not have put it any better, that description is perfect of this product. Ive used this nearly every time ive got out the bath since buying it, I cant resist. 
Its honestly the best cream ive EVER used. It rubs in like a dream and leaves your skin feeling so soft with a perfect JLO glow. It smells absolutely delicious too. 

This is what the cream looks like, ive used this so many times all over my body and theres still loads left.

Here it is on the skin, its such a pitty my camera isnt picking up the gorgeous gold sheen it has. 

I simply cant rave about this enough, I dont want to ever be without it. 
As I bought it from Tx Maxx I paid allot less than it actually retails for. I think I paid £16 for it, its RRP was much highter but I cant remember what it was sorry. 

Like Agent Provocateur I also want some Victoria Secret fragrances. If you have any to recommend me please do.

Hope everyone is enjoying their friday. Have a lovely weekend.
Speak Soon
Lucy x x 


  1. Love the packaging! My fav's from victorias secret are Pure seduction, Amber romance, and Love spell. I cannot get enough of those 3...they have a few others that smell really good that I want to get =)

  2. Ooooh I will have to try them out, I dont have any yet but that wont be the case for long ;) haha x x

  3. Gotta love TK MAXX!
    I would also love to try some Victoria Secret goodies! :)


  4. That packaging is gorgeous, very eye catching! x

  5. It looks amazing! I would adore to try Agent Provocateur stuff!

  6. It looks lovely. Love the packaging too! xxx

  7. This looks amazing! I'm going to pick some up myself.

    Cute blog btw, check out mine when you have time...

    Amelia x

  8. Ooooh this looks like such a fab product - I love moisturisers that have a bit of a sheen to them!
    I fancy some Victoria's Secret fragrances too - I'm not sure VS stuff is available in the UK though? My friend brought me back a Victoria's Secret lipgloss from America and it's probably the best lipgloss I've ever used ;) x

  9. Thanks everyone, this cream is one my big loves atm x x


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