Sunday, 4 September 2011

Pound Shop Wowness!!

Heyy everyone..
Can you imagine my face when I popped into the pound shop  for nothing more than two bottles of pepsi max and seen these....

Thats right... Two Rimmel London eyeshadows, just look how pretty they are. These are a cream eyeshadow and I think they are stunning. One is a grey/black colour with silver sparkle, the other is a purple/pink with purple and pink sparkle. They are super pigmented but ive not worn them out yet so not sure how they last on the eyes but for £1.00 they cant really do wrong. 

If you have a pound shop near by have a pop in and see what you can find. There are some right beautys to be found. I even picked up some for my mum and she loves them too. 

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend (although its almost over :( )
Speak soon
Lucy x x 


  1. The colour swatches are fab, hard to believe they are so pigmented for that price !!

  2. Wow, great bargain! The one of the left looks gorgeous!

  3. What a find! Impressive

  4. I cant quite believe it myself, im going to wear one tomorrow so im hoping there as good on as i think they will be. I shall be popping in the pound shop more often now me thinks haha x x

  5. The purply one is gorgeous! I want to try out another cream shadow


  6. I got the purple pink one, and I thought they would be the powder shadow, but it wasnt. I wish they would of disclosed that part. But the color is awesome.

  7. shut up these were not in poundland!
    goodness i havent been anywhere cos i feel im too skint.. when i coulda been in the poundshop living it up eesh

    great finds darl
    BreezeyBee Blog

  8. the purple one is sooo pretty! probably wouldn't have that at the dollar store i suppose...

  9. That is a wicked price!! I've never ever seen any of these or anything like it around here, they are soooo pretty =D Great find!!

  10. Hey waz good? Cool @ your blog! And the colors are really fantabulous and great for parting ay!


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