Monday, 26 September 2011

The Only Way, Is Laurens Way

Heyy everyone..
So if im honest I have about 10 half empty bottles of fake tans. My fav has always been Fake Bake, but last few times I used it I hated it... it was streaky looked really orange in places and so I then ditched the fake tans and replaced with occasional sunbed sessions. 
Obviously I know sunbeds are not good for you but I just couldnt stand orange streaky tans any longer and as many of you will know fake tan can be really expensive. 

Now im actually a really big fan of shameful cringy reality shows. The more chavvy the better, so as you can imagine TOWIE is a lil love of mine. As much as I love the show I would never in a million years dream of buying anything endorsed by any of them... that was until now. 

I heard Lauren Goodger had released her own tan range and my first thoughts were 'of course she has' with a sarcastic roll of the eyes. I then started to see it pop up on blogs ans people seemed to only have good things to say about it. I was officially intrigued. 

I was mulling over the idea of buying it for ages, and then on Twitter one day I saw somebody posted a code for money off the Laurens way tan. I took this as a sign and went over to the website. I got the Tanning Kit for £20 instead of £34 and with the code I also got another £5 off so I was a happy bunny.

The tan arrived today

The packaging isnt the most amazing, but it is nice and girly. In the tanning kit you get a bronzing mousse, and a tanning lotion. I opened each bottle and was rather excited at how dark it looked. I like my tans to be dark, and the smell isnt too bad either.
I used the mousse today, and I have to tell you it goes on like a dream. It glides on the skin and soaks in really nice, leaving a lovely brown colour on your skin. It really is brown too.. not orange, or greeny... its the perfect colour.  I done this about 5 hours ago now and ive not noticed any unsightly patches anywhere. I really think this tan will get me off the sunbeds and back on the fake stuff, so thats a massive bonus. 

Here are some quick pics so you can see the colour of my skin with the tan on

Notice the difference between my body and face? I dont put it on my face as most the time it breaks me out. I have a special face tanner.
I honestly think this is the best tan ive used. Id recommend to anyone. 

Ps. as TOWIE returned to our screens yesterday what does everyone make of series 3? I think Gemma looked amazing with her weight loss and dark hair, couldnt actually believe I seen Mark Wright cry AND im not too sure about those twins... what was all that about???

Hope your all well
Speak Soon
Lucy x x x


  1. I'm SO EXCITED towie is back!!!! Gemma looked amazing and Lucy's new fella was a bit fit wern't he! I keep telling myself I'll try this but I've just stuck to my Fake Bake. I can't wait to see how the colour develops and how it looks with a couple of layers built up!


  2. Yeah Ill be applying it as much as poss over this week and see how it looks, I got the lotion to try too. I love that its back, its just great easy watching. I actually think Lucy is the prettiest girl just wish she would stop going with other girls men haha, but looks like she wont need to any more eh... ;) Ill always have a lil soft spot for Kirk too x x

  3. oooo it looks awesome!!... i can hardly wear fake tan, because it always seems to break me out in some kind of exzema... so i can either have nice soft pale skin or apply fake tan and walk around scratching all day haha (not nice)... i dont know what it is but think it may be the tanning ingredient :(

    i think i'm the only person never to have watched TOWIE... im gutted tho because i really wanna start watching it, but think i should watch it from season 1


  4. Aww really? yeah it must be something in the tanning ingredient, you have lovely skin tho I look like the living dead if I dont tan haha.

    Yeahhhh defo watch it, if your like me then when you watch the first ever episode your thinking WTF... but stick with it. Its just funny easy watching. Apparently a Liverpool version is coming soon :S dunno how ill feel about that haha x x

  5. Yay! I bought it too! I haven't tried it yet though, did you wear yours to bed? I want to know if it stains your sheets. Gemma looked amazing in TOWIE! I'm a fan too but Mark Wright gets on my t*ts and them twins! WTF! You have a lovely colour with this tan on xx

  6. Wow that is dark! Looks so nice!!! I wonder if I can order that to Canada?
    How was the smell of it? I am wondering how long it lasts too? It really looks great =D

  7. Ahahahaha those twins in the new TOWIE were so weird!
    You look such a lovely colour in those pics - will definitely have to give Lauren's Way a go! x

  8. This fake tan looks amazing! Doesn't look fake at all. I am constantly trying to find the perfect one, tend to look a bit radioactive.

  9. Thanx everyone, im still loving it. Best tan ive used. @stacey - it did get on my sheets but its washed out on a hot wash. @taygan - it lasts ages chick, i didnt re-apply for about 3 days and it still looked nice and brown and wasnt patchy anywhere either. The smell isnt that bad either, Cant fault it.
    x x x

  10. I LOVE TOWIE <3
    I've heard SO many good things about this tan! Looks great on you hunx


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