Sunday, 20 November 2011

Two Of My Biggest Loves Real Techniques and Sleek

Heyy Everyone...
I have two things to share with you that I have been really loving, and using every day since I got them. 

First up is the Samantha Chapman Real Techniques Stippling Brush. I'm a massive Pixiwoo fan (arnt we all) and iv'e been wanting these brushes ever since I saw them. I limited myself to just the one brush, but I plan on getting more. I thought the stippling brush would be the one id use the most. 

  So here it is. I was so excited when it arrived. First thing I noticed was it was smaller than I thought, but I found when I used it the smaller size is a massive advantage as it allows you to get round your nose and eyes much easier, its allot more precise. 
The fibers are short but also nice and soft, it holds its shape without being too stiff. 
Ive used this brush every day since I got it with my liquid foundation and I love the result it gives.  

Next up is the Sleek Brow Kit

When I heard Sleek had brought out an eyebrow kit I knew I had to pick one up. I'm such a sucker for my eyebrows, I love them quite big and dark so I picked it up in the shade dark. There is also a light one too. 
With this kit you get a brow wax, powder, two small brushes and a small pair of tweezers. The first time I used this I used the brushes provided (something I don't normally bother with) but they really are quite good. 
I love that the wax is coloured, I go on with the wax first to get the shape I want them simply go over with the powder.
Again, like the Stippling brush iv'e used this every day, Cant rave enough about them. 

Have any of you used these? What do you think?
Hope everyone is having a great weekend
Speak soon
Lucy x x x


  1. I have the stippling brush too and I love it for cream blush! It is very soft. Very tempted by that Sleek kit but really loving the hd brows kit too

  2. I'm dying to get my hands on some of the Real Techniques brushes - think I might ask for one of the sets for Christmas.
    Have you seen the pics are up from the Illamasqua event? They're on the Illamasqua Facebook page xxx

  3. @Gaelle - ahh you have the HD Brows kit, ive been loving the look of that too, everyone has such good things to say about it. x x

    @franki - Id defo pop some on the old xmas list, really nice brush. OMG I hadnt even seen the pics but just popped on n had a nosey, fab rnt they x x

  4. I want to try that brush 0ut. I saw it at ulta the other day and i didnt pick it up :(

  5. I'm the same with this brush, I was a bit unsure at the size when I first got it but I've been using it every day since I got it months ago!


  6. @Pink Glam - I was like that, wanting it but not buying it for ages. Im so glad I finally have it now. x x

    @Emma - I think its a shock when it arrives because compared to all other stippling brushes its much smaller, it works tho doesnt it. Its not like it being small is a bad thing. I want more brushes from the range but hate waiting for delivery x x

  7. Wow it looks really nice!! Everything dose. I love the color of the brush, the quality looks like its good too. Enjoy these:)

  8. I agree about the stippling brush, (mine is Sephora though)...such an amazing invention! It's crazy how flawless your foundation looks. xoxo

  9. Lovely blog.

  10. @MoNtseR GIRL* - Thank you very much :) x x

    @Bon Bon - Omg I knoww.. ive used a stippling brush for the best part of this year now, my fav way to apply foundation by far x x

    @Anita - Thanks very much sweetie :) x x

  11. I use the Sleek kit everyday - I have the light one which I find a little bit too pale so have to use a dark brown-grey shadow to finish my brows off. I love it all the same though! I definitely need to get a stippling brush. Nothing but great reviews for them at the moment!

  12. That brush looks wonderful ! I have a similar brow kit from Benefit but I'd love to try this one...I didn't know I needed it until I started using it and I see the difference now ! I regret the times when I didn't use anything for my brows ! Since you love make up, you're invited to enter my Chanel & Too Faced Giveaway !

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  13. I need to try this brow kit, my elf one is nearly running out already, I've become a bit brow obsessed too as of late


  14. Oh I really want that brush!! Off to have a browse ;) x

  15. @claire - I was debating if to get the light one coz my hairs going lighter but I know I like a dark brow. Its the best brow kit ive used so far x x

    @Vale - Im the same, I cringe when I see old pics of me with my overplucked brows that I done nothing with!! x x

    @Eloise - I havnt tried the elf one but id defo recommend this Sleek one for when you run out. x x

    @Sadie - haha ahhh all the Real Techniques brushes look amazinggg, i want them all x x

  16. the sleek kit looks exactly like the elf one xx

    my blog :


  17. @The Brunette - I honestly LOVE it haha x x

    @RavingBeautyx - Does it? Ive not seen the elf one (not that I can remember) Got a new little love for brow kits tho x x

  18. I ordered the stipling and powder brush, love them x

  19. @Sadie - Ooooh did youuuu??? Im so JEL, ive only got the stippling, lovee the look of the powder brush. I need more haha x x


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