Thursday, 17 November 2011

Call me Cinders

Heyy Everyone, 
So for some unknown reason ive been CRAVING a trip to Lush, after seeing all the youtube/blogs showing their xmas products. This is so bizarre because im not the biggest Lush fan. I hear all the raves go into the shop smell all the apparent amazing smelling things and usually nearly gag. The only thing ive ever bought is that pink glittery thing for your bath that I must admit I did love but come on its pink and glittery I was never not going to like it. 

So anyway, feeling like a pregnant woman with pickles and ice cream (i hate that cliche btw) I popped into Lush today as I could not wait any longer. 
I was loving all the new xmas products and even loving their smells, and found it a pleasure walking round. 
I only picked up one thing today, but I do plan on going back for more. The one I opted for was Cinders Bath Bomb.

 'Fizz, crackle and pop! A spicy soda scented, crackling candy Bath Ballistic. Run a warm bath and drop it in. Listen carefully.'

As you can see it looks stunning and smells just as good. I really love spicy smells, especially this time of year. Its so Christmassy. 
The top has popping candy on, and I cant wait to use it. It cost just under £2.00, I think thats ok for a nice treat.
Next on my list is the little Gingerbread House I spotted, too cute. 

Has anyone else picked up any xmas goodies from Lush, im in love with them atm. 

Speak soon
Lucy x x x


  1. I haven't tried lush but always see such fun things!

  2. I didn't really enjoy this, it did nothing for my skin and it didn't smell anything to me z=

  3. I got Cinders last Christmas and it was soo lovely!
    and the Gingerbread House is on my MASSIVE Lush Wishlist too ;)
    I also have cravings to go to Lush and buy things, haha :)

  4. That sounds gorgeous :) I really need to try some lush bath bombs only ever buy Snow fairy shower gel from there xx

  5. I saw this on Fluer de Force latest YT vid, I'm defo gonna get one. I bought Golden Wishes, it was gorgeous! xx

  6. that look great lush !!! I always go in but never buy anything ekkk

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  7. I adore Lush much to my boyfrieds disgust haha! He hates the smell! I have brought the gingerbread house, yet to use it though. I have my eye on so much more!

  8. Omg everything smells so amazing there!! I haven't smell this one yet though!
    I love the idea of the bath bomb but they don't last long and the smell leaves so quickly :(

  9. i love lush xx

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