Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Boxing Night Madness

Heyyy Everyone..
Im feeling rather tender today due to copious amounts of alcohol last night, even a KFC and selection box Snicker hasnt properly sorted me out!!! 
I bagged tickets to a local social club, think something along the lines of Phoenix Nights and I absolutely loved it. There was live singers, bingo and then a disco to finish the night. I danced and sang my little heart away and everyone there was just out to have fun.
Anyway onto the more important subject of what I wore;
I went into town yesterday and it was so busy, we was literally on our way back the car when I spotted this dress for £10... yes TEN POUNDS!!!!

  This dress was exactly what I wanted, dressy enough for me to feel dressed up but not TOO much. Its a really nice fit too.

Next up THE SHOESIES....

Ahhhhhhhhh how fab are these?? They are quite clearly Jeffrey Campbell alike's but I unfortunately dont have the funds for a real pair so these will do just fine. As soon as I saw them I fell in love, and just had to make them mine. 
They cost me £30, and also come in different colours and styles (I have my eyes on a few) Literally every time ive worn them ive had so many compliments. Its LOVE <3 <3

Sorry about the pictures I was running late as usual. I wore my blingin Illamasqua lashes to look extra festive an up the sparkle factor even more. 

Hope you all had a fab Christmas and Boxing Day. The sales havnt lured me in yet but its only a matter of time. 

Lucy x x x


  1. Love the dress looks fab xx


  2. ha ha a fellow leopard print lover! Great dress

  3. Ah I like the dress, I'd seen a black version I wanted in quiz but they sold out online : (

    Glad you had a great boxing day, sometimes cheesy is the way to go!


  4. OMG! I loveeee this outfit, where's the dress from babe? xx

  5. Hehe a little hungover hey?
    Cute dress!!! How the heck did you dance in those heals all night? I woulda fell!
    I too have been staying away from the shopping for now!

  6. @The Brunette - Aww thank you Honey x x

    @Gaelle - The Make Up Fairy - Ooooooh I do LOVE abit of leopard print haha x x

    @Eloise - Ahhh yeah there was a black version too when I got mine, it wasnt in quiz but something along those lines. Ahhh im only 26 but I love a good cheesy night out x x

    @louise - Aww thanks babes x x

    @Alisha - The dress is just from a cheapo shop, cant even remember the name. Think quiz n along those lines x x

    @*MoNtseR GiRl* - Omg that hungover took a whole day in bed to get rid of it, oh the shame haha.
    Ahh the shoes look allot worse to walk in than they actually are, I spent ages in the girls toilets trying to convince everyone they are actually quite comfy. Think its coz the heel is so fat. x x

  7. You look gorgeous! Your hair looks really nice and your makeup looks flawless! I love these shoes too, very lucky to have them! xxx

  8. @Abigail Beatrice - Thank you very much :) x x


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