Friday, 23 December 2011

Diet Coke/Models Own Offer

Heyy Everyone...
Ive finally finished all my shopping now phew... I done a midnight Asda dash last night, and could not believe it was STILL busy but not as bad as daytime so all worth it in my book. 

While in Boots before I spotted a offer where if you buy two bottles of Diet Coke/Diet Cherry Coke you get a free Models Own Lipgloss. I drink Coke/Pepsi like nobodys business so its a winner for me. 
There was three shades of lipgloss to choose from. There was a red, pink and a sort of mauve colour id say. 

I chose the pink;

I was very tempted with the red for the festive time of year but I know I would never wear it. 
This pink is such a lovely wearable colour.
So if your in Boots, go check it out :)

On a more personal note, ive actually had a quite stressful week. Its not news to me I have an allergy to prawns, I worked it out a while ago. I do however still buy them for the boy. Tuesday night I literally moved the prawns from the pan to a plate next thing I know my eyes had swollen up more than they ever had before, and I had two tiny slits for eyes. I was crying thinking they were going to close up altogether.
I spent the night with cold teabags on my eyes and the next day started taking allergy tablets.
As I type now my eyes are still not back to normal and it makes me very sad thinking I might have to spend Christmas looking like this but hopefully there will be a big improvement by Sunday. 

Hope everyone is well and getting in the festive mood
ho ho ho

Lucy x x x


  1. great deal thanks for sharing guess where i am going right now xxx

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  2. Oh no, I hope your eyes get better hun, hugs x

  3. Oh wow, the color is amazing! Great find!


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