Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Accessorize 4D Nails - Lilac Sorbet

Heyy Everyone...
I done my nails today and for once im actually really pleased with the result. Im not a big nail person, mainly because mine are crap, I wished I could have nice nails but I bite them and even when I dont bite when they do grow they are very weak so break themselves anyway *sigh* all nail tips welcome :):)

So anyway back to the point of this post. You have probably seen many 4D nail kits about, I was meaning to buy one but never got round to it until a few weeks ago I was Christmas shopping. In Superdrug I saw the Accessorize 4D nail kits and they were on 3 for 2 offer. My mum is very much a nail person so I picked some up for her to put away, and as I got one free I decided to keep one for myself (be rude not to :-p) 

I chose the shade Lilac Sorbet for myself, there was also two other colours that I picked up but unfortunately ive wrapped them up. 

I started off doing one coat on my nails, letting it dry then apply another coat doing one nail at a time and pour the beads on while the varnish is still wet. 
I done this over a little plastic tray and re-used the beads that fell into it. 

Heres the finished result and im chuffed with it. Very quick and easy to do. They remind me of those sweets you had as a kid, the chocolate ones with the sprinkles on top.
Im interested to find out how long they last on my nails. 

Have you tried these or any the other brands?? Tell me what you think. 

Love Lucy x x


  1. Pretty against the pink colour :-) x

    1. Aww thank you, im going to have a go at my toes next x x

  2. These look awesome, like those little sweets with all the bobbles on!


  3. Love your nails! :-)


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