Monday, 19 December 2011

My New Winter Boots

Heyy Everyone..
If you live in the UK, you will know the weather has been pretty awful. Pretty much none stop rain and there was one day of snow in Liverpool. 
I dont really mind the rain but I hate the snow. I wore my wellies that I bought for such weather and they done not much at all to protect my feet I was really disappointed. It was at this point while trying to defrost my poor feet I decided I was in desperate need for some footwear to get me through. 
While in town yesterday I popped into Primark to see what they had to offer, and heres what I bought;

Now these are soooo not my usual style, but I purposely wanted boots to get me through the cold, rainy, snowy weather not to look pretty. 
You also get a pair of red laces too so you can change the look if you like. I cant tell you how comfy these boot are too, you could wear them all day no problem. 
They cost £18.00 from Primark, and they also come in a navy blue colour. 

Im so excited :) :)

Speak Soon
Lucy x x x


  1. Cute boots!

  2. they look really warm and toasty xx

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