Saturday, 10 December 2011

My Tree Is Up :D

Heyy Everyone...
Today I finally got round to putting my tree up, we got into the loft and in there we found two trees, one black one green and decorations in pink, purple, silver, gold, red, black and white glitter. I was astounded by how much there was, id totally forgot about most of it but thoroughly enjoyed going through it all and reminiscing.

I decided the tree this year would be decorated in pink, purple and white glitter. I thought might as well make the most of what I found.  I really dont take the whole decorating the tree deadly seriouS but I love the end result. 

Here she is... my baby <3

How are you all getting on with your Christmas decorations?? Got your tree up yet??

Quick PS.. For some reason Blogger is being really crap and wont let me comment on some blogs OR even reply to comments on mine. Its saying I need to sign in but I obviously I am, its soooo frustrating and I dont even know how to fix it. 
I feel really bad for not replying to comments, or on peoples posts when I really want to. Just a heads up so you know im not being rude or anything. Hopefully will all be sorted soon. 

Pps.. Anyone been watching Desperate Scousewives :O :O I have obviously and believe me when I say that doesnt represent the ppl of Liverpool. Im just taking it with a pinch of salt really, and how funny was the spray tanning scene, loved it!!!  

Speak Soon
Lucy x x x


  1. Even though I dnt celebrate Christmas I always put up my tree evry year=)))

    Oh and I had the same problem before with blogger not allowing me to comment, go on internet setting and allow cookies then it wont keep signing you out=)))

  2. Your tree looks so pretty :)

    We haven't got ours up yet, but I am looking forward to putting the decorations on, yay!

  3. Your treet looks lovely,

    I saw the 1st episode and got to admit I thought it was rubbish and I don't like many of the character.

    I really want to come to Liverpool I imagine all the girls to be glammed up but also really friendly.

    I also imagine the girls in Liverpool look a lot nicer than the girls on DS.


  4. Love your tree, especially the bows! I have a similar star in gold but it WILL NOT stay on the tree, this could be something to do with the cat bashing at it constantly, but we've resorted to sort of sticking it on.


  5. Aw, thats a pretty tree! Similar colours to what I've gone for :-)

  6. Cute tree:) looks like you are getting ready for Xmas!
    I hate when blogger does that I have the same problem sometimes And then it goes away. So annoying. I hope yours fixes soon!

  7. Ohh your tree is so pretty and girly :) Love the bows! xxx

  8. your trees so pretty xxx

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