Sunday, 4 March 2012

Is there such thing as TOO much pink??...

Heyy Everyone..
Hope your all doing well and enjoying your weekend. I'm currently very hungover and in bed unable to move so I decided to put the time to good use and do abit of blogging.
So last night was my birthday night out number 2. I went out with my  friends I first met in school and had such a laugh. Life.. boyfriends... babies... always seem to get in the way of us meeting as much as we would like but we all promised to make more time because when we are together its always amazing.

I cant wait to show you my outfit, one of my friends said I look like a big candyfloss and she wants to eat me... haha I'm sure bf would be pleased with that :P So that led me to wonder 'Is there such a thing as too much pink?' I very quickly answered my own question with NO there isn't :D 

 You know when you get ready and your really happy at the end that's how I felt last night, I felt the whole outfit screamed 'me' and I loved it. I danced my little feet off all night in my bubblegum pink sparkly bubble and loved every second.
The dress only cost £20 that you may remember from a earlier post, the shoes were in Asos sale, earrings in New Look sale, and pink sparkle hairband is from some local random shop that sells wigs and hairpieces, I have one in a teal colour too. My nails were leopard print stick on nails from Primark, and lashes from primark too.
So all in all the whole look didn't cost me too much, always a bonus.
Oh I wore my new Topshop lipstick in Innocent and I think its my favourite lipstick of right now. Gorgeous colour, feels lovely on the lips. Ill defo be buying more.

I'm going to an Illamasqua event in Leeds on the 7th March. If anyone is going give me a holler, will be good to catch up. Oh and if you haven't checked out yet then you should immediately, its had a big makeover and I can very easily spend hours on it. In all honesty its the best make up website I've ever been on, you can really get to know the brand, of course you can buy their wonderful products too but theres also so much more on there.

What you all been up to this weekend?

Big Hugs
Lucy x x


  1. No definitely not...I love pink.

    Fabulous outfit and shoes xx

  2. you look stunning in all that pink xx


  3. In answer to your question...NO you can never have too much pink. LOVE this outfit you look so cute!


  4. new follower, love your blog. your gorgeous!
    check my blog out please? :)
    x x

    1. Aww thank you lovely, I just checked out your blog its great, im following :) x x

    2. thank you so much! :) what do you use to fill in your eyebrows? x x

    3. I use Sleek Brow Palette in dark... I love it so much. Ive used it ever day since I bought it. You get a wax and a powder. x x

  5. Love this!! I want the dress, it's soooo pretty :)
    Hope you had fun at the Illamasqua event!

    1. Aww thank you hunni, Ooooh I did will be putting a post up soon all about it x x

  6. Love ur dress cute.


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