Friday, 31 August 2012

OOTN - Animal Instinct

Heyy Everyone...
Ive been meaning to do this post for soooo long and a million things just kept cropping up and getting in the way, anyway its here now. I had a night out a couple of weeks ago now, only stayed local but I really loved the dress I was wearing. 

This dress cost me £13.00 in Primark, what a bargain and I felt so comfortable in it too. I done that really annoying thing that always happens in Primark if your not careful. I picked the hanger that had my size on but didn't check the size of the dress inside on the label, massive Primark fail.... and I ended up with a size 14 dress but I tried it on and it didn't feel too bad. It shows how misleading Primark are with their sizes, also why I usually try everything on but it was super busy and I just couldn't be bothered. Soo yeahhh loving my £13.00 dress, I love that I could wear it in the day too with a black blazer and tights. 

My FOTN and hair were both kept pretty simple too. 

Ive currently just finished the first 50 shades of Grey book and to be honest I read it in about 2 weeks and thought it was.... ok!!! Dont really see all the hype and really dont think its as raunchy as its been made out... all that said I will be buying the other two to see whats in store for Ana and Christian. 

Im getting my roots done tomorrow and I cant wait!!! I love my blonde hair but the regrowth is so annoying especially since I get foils I just seem to get bad roots really quickly. 

I bought some new Foxy Locks as I mentioned in another post and ive washed them in my purple shampoo and it seems to have done the trick with matching the blonde to mine, although its still not 100% in some places im much more happier with them now. Ill do a post on them soon and you can see. 

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, any nice plans to share?? 

Speak soon 
Lucy x x


  1. You look gorgeous! :)


  2. Gorgeous outfit, I love the shoes :) x

    1. Thank you lovely, oooh I didnt mention my shoes did I, they are from New Look I love them x x

  3. The dress is really you! you look fab as always!

    1. Aww thank you so much lovely, hahaha I do love abit of animal print eh :P x x


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