Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Sweet Treat Lip Balm Goodness

Heyy Everyone...
Was out shopping the other day, just for house essentials when I came across something just too cute to pass. 

How cute are these?? I must admit im not a lip balm person at all but as a lover of all things retro I simply had to get them. 
The pack contains five lip balms in the flavours of some very well known sweets.
*Rainbow Drops
*Double Lollies
*Double Dip
 As a true 90s kid I remember all these sweets fondly from my childhood. 

Now if im honest I was slightly disappointed when I opened them and gave them a smell, I expected to be shot back to childhood memories but most of them just have your usual lip balm smell. The Drumstick and Double Dip do have the smell of the sweet in them but its quite faint. They glide on nice and smooth, and left my lips feeling soft. 
These only cost me £2.99 so even tho they don't have the smell, they do look super cute. 

Hope your all well
Love Lucy x x


  1. Replies
    1. I got them from a shop called B&M, I have one local to me but im not sure how many of them there are about. Its one those shops that sells everything haha x x

  2. yum yum!! i love double dips!! shame about the smell, but cute buy :) x

    1. I know, its a good job they look so cute :):) x x

  3. I'm gonna get some of these as stocking fillers for the nieces, I love B&M the new(ish) one by Walton Asda is boss its huge I end up buyin all kinds of crap haha x

    1. Yesss they would be great stocking fillers, I was thinking of doing the same. Omg the walton one is massive I love it, the one in Southport is really big too. x x


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