Saturday, 24 November 2012


Heyy Everyone...
Hope your doing well, got a double outfit post tonight. I recently bought a midi dress that seem to be everywhere at the moment. Im not a big fan of the midi length because im not sure it suits me. I own two midi skirts that ive never worn so I had no desire to buy a midi dress until I saw a skull print one that was quite a figure hugging fit so I thought it was more flattering. 

 I love anything skull print and this dress is no exception. I think the print and the fit give it a much younger more flattering feel so I do enjoy wearing it. I decided to wear this dress with some plain black tights from Primark and some River Island black wedge boots. 

Now for my outfit of the night, just something very casual and not how id usually dress for a night but I really liked it. 

I wore a butterfly blouse from Primark that ive had ages but love to bits and a pair of navy shorts also from Primark that ive only worn once so decided to give them a little more love. I put my hair up in a high bun and ive never done that before for an evening. I know my roots are beyond awful going to book myself in hairdressers next week. Also cant believe im wearing red lips... was a night of many firsts for me. My lipstick is the Hello Kitty in Blazin that I recently bought. 

I hope your enjoying your weekend, just a nice quiet Saturday night in for me nice and cosy in me onesie :-p

Im very excited for Christmas and cannot believe how fast the time is flying. 

Speak soon
Lucy x x


  1. Lucy I think your night out outfit looks fab, love the more casual look and I wish I could pull off shorts as well as you!


    1. Awww thankk youuu, it was so scary at first being more casual than usual I never even wore fake lashes either but I really liked it... and of course you can you have much better legs than me. Caroline Flack I aint haha ;-) x x

  2. I love that butterfly blouse its stunning.

    1. Thank youuu :) Its one of my most fav clothing items, love wearing it in the day too with dark jeans. x x


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