Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My Top 5 Hot Pink Lipsticks

Heyy everyone...
I always plan on doing my top 5/10 on things but never get round to it, well im finally doing one now and what better way to start it off than with hot pink lipsticks. 
Ive discovered I have quite a 'thing' for hot pink lipstick recently so here are my favourite ones. 

 L-R... Rimmel Kate Lipstick in 20, Revlon Lip Butter in Lollypop, Barry M in 52, Hello Kitty Lipstick in Underground Queen and Illamasqua in Eurydice. 

I have a slight addiction to the Kate lipsticks recently and this is one my most favourites and best of all I found it in the half price basket in Boots, I have no idea why this was in there but it was and I could not have been happier to see it. 
Ive heard its a good dupe for Macs Girl about town lipstick, I dont own that so I dont know for sure but it looks very similar. 
It goes on the lips nicely and the pigment is great as you can see, also has good lasting power. 

Im sure your all familiar with the Revlon Lip Butters, now looking at this and the Kate lipstick above they look almost identical. Id say the main difference being this one is softer on the lips as you would expect. 

This is my only Barry M lipstick, I hate that they dont have names just numbers. Its not very soft to go on the lips but once its on I love the colour, I love how bright it is and this one seems a more 'barbie' kind of colour. 

This is one my newest lipsticks that I recently done a post on. I Wore this while out shopping all day and when I came home my lips were not perfect but still had pink on I was very impressed for the price. They go on nice and soft, great pigment and the cutest packaging ive ever seen. Love it. 

Last but not least...

Illamasqua is by far one of my most favourite make up brands, their products excite me and always make me wana play round with make up and have fun. This lipstick like the Barry M one doesnt go on your lips as smooth but with this once its on it stays on, I wore it on a night out once and didnt even have to top it up. Truly amazing. Maybe abit of lipbalm would help it go on smoother, but its not really a massive issue for me. 

So looking at this post.
.. theres not a massive difference in each lipstick when they are on my lips but they are all different to me in their own ways. I love every one, hence them making my top 5 and something tells me ill continue to buy more hot pink lipstick. 
I really enjoyed doing this post so I will be doing more top 5's and 10's. 

Hope your all well, its starting to feel very christmassy recently im loving it. 

Ps ignore my lazy day hair could not be bothered with it today at all :-p

Love Lucy x x


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  2. That Hello Kitty lipstick is adorable x

    1. Soooo Cute rnt they, I want more and the nail varnishes too if only for the packaging x x

  3. Love pinks! I think I have that Barry M lippies well (from my swap!) they all look amazing on you!


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