Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sale Vans and Exciting News

Heyy Everyone...
On a little shopping trip recently I popped into Office, they had a amazing sale on, but unfortunately there was not allot left in my size. Ive been needing some new day shoes for ages, and when I look at my shoe collection by far some of my most worn pairs of shoes are my red glitter vans and black sequin converse and both of these have been worn to death, they really have seen better days so im needing more. 

Looking in the sale section of Vans and Converse I came across some really cute pink high top Vans, they were my size (im a size smaller in Vans) and £25.00... they were mine!!!! 

It would be safe to say ive had a few mixed comments on these, some people love them some hate them but im clearly on the love side. Im already thinking of summer when I can wear them and not worry about them getting ruined. They also had them on sale in white too but I couldnt resist the pink. 

I genuinely cant decide if I like Converse better than Vans or visa versa so I just plan on buying lots of each. I think my next purchase might be the crystal toe converse because ive been wanting them so bad for ages now... but I also want some Nike Blazers too. 

So next up is my exciting news.... Well ive finally booked myself onto a fashion and photographic make up course. It starts in March and im soooooo excited ive been wanting to do it for ages. I have already completed and passed a cosmetic make up course and ive always wanted to go further with my make up. 
As some of you may know these courses are not cheap so its saving time for me now but on the plus side its only right I buy some course 'essentials' ive already made quite a big Real Techniques order so will show you those when they arrive. 

Hope you are all well :)

Love Lucy x x


  1. Love them! They'll look really cool with a denim skirt in summer. And go you! I hope you have a great time on your course. When I did mine, I found it very therapeutic!

    1. They scream summer dont they, even tho outside is all grey and gloom atm. Aww thank you, im really looking forward to it. x x

  2. I got pink converse last year and wore them so much (a lot more than I expected) and they are so comfortable and practical x

  3. cute shoes!! i love the bright pink

    new follower :)

  4. They are proper cute! I wanna get my hands on some white vans!

    LaceyLoves x


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