Thursday, 7 February 2013

New Converse And Life

Heyy Everyone...
Oh my god, long time no see eh, I'm so ashamed in myself with the lack of blog action ive been doing, ive been missing it very much but I do *kind of* have an excuse :-p
here it goes... So id say around about late October time I noticed I was getting really big bruises on my legs, at first I thought nothing of it and brushed it off but sometimes id wake in the morning and look like id been in a fight with the amount of bruises all over me, and I knew I wasn't knocking myself and defiantly not to the extent of these bruises. 
I also noticed they was taking a really long time to go, like way over a month. I thought something isn't right here and I done what every person who hates the doctor does and I Googled it. What I got from Google was I was probably lacking in vitamins, this wasn't a shock to me as my diet is not the best and im already known to be low in iron. 
However the bruises continued and I noticed I was very tired allot, I was feeling so embarrassed like I was being rude because I would be yawning my head off when anyone was talking to me but I couldn't help it.
I knew this wasn't right so I got myself down the doctors, he looked at my legs but told me it was probably nothing but said he would run some blood checks just to check. I left feeling pretty positive but that was not to last. I then received lots of calls and a hand delivered letter from doctors telling me I need to go back in, getting calls like this did really scare me, especially hearing the words you must be seen today. So I tried to keep myself calm and I went back in. 
Turns out I have very low platelets in my blood, that's why I been tired and bruising. From what I got from the doctor he said I cant play any contact sports because if I was to get a big knock I could bleed internally, so that's my Rugby career down the drain :-p and basically the platelets are what help your blood clot so if I was to get a bad cut it wouldn't clot so very dangerous. 
Ive been referred to the hospital and thats the point im at now, once ive been the hospital I will get more tests and they will advise me on what happens from now on... 
So yeahhh thats whats been goin on with me recently, its not amazing news but I dont think its the end oh the world. Ive resisted Googleing it so far because I dont want to scare myself before I hear from the experts. 

Now onto something more positive.... 
My new Converse, but not any old Converse oh no, BLINGY Converse. 

I know its very shallow but these put a massive smile on my face. I came across them in a shop in Liverpool for £65, much cheaper than the ones ive seen online. They had all the colours but I went with black for now because they go with everything. They also had bling Nike Blazers that im defiantly getting for my birthday the end of this month. 

Sorry for the super long post but I wanted to let you know whats been going on with me recently. I will be back posting more regular, ive done allot of shopping and there's so much I want to share. 

Hope your all well
Love Lucy x x 


  1. Keep your chin up Luce sure everything will be fine! Good luck xxx

    1. Aww thank you, im staying positive :):) x x

  2. great! love it <3
    xoxo,Arynsa :*

  3. Wow! so sorry you had to go through that but glad to hear your ok and are better aware of it now. Love those converse!!! so cute :)

    1. Aww thank you lovely, yea im cool and once ive spoke to the professionals ill know allot more. haha gorgeous rnt they, I want more x x

  4. Blinging shoes! Love your attitude toward it all, it will all be ok :)xxx

    1. Aww thanks lovely, im keeping positive :):) Gotta love abit of bling on ya shoes :-p x x

  5. i want them!!!
    new follower;)
    greatings freom germany


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