Saturday, 23 March 2013

Massive Boots and Superdrug Haul

Heyy Everyone...
So as some of you may know I started my Fashion and Photography make up course a couple of weeks ago. Its a very intense course and we got into our practical work almost right away. So what does any make up lover do who already has more than enough make up to get through the course?? Thats right she goes and buys more only now its justified as 'needed for my course' im sure you all understand haha. 

So here are my new goodies ive picked up so far. If im totally honest ive spent far too much money but I have tried to be savvy with my buying and im very happy with my purchases. 

Looking at it all laid out there it just looks so much, but it also excites me. What I will do in this post is just simply list everything I got and ill do separate posts/reviews on selected items so this post isn't about a million years long. 

 I'll Start off with skincare
*Simple kind to skin purifying cleansing lotion
*Simple kind to skin soothing facial toner
*Nivea soft moisturising cream
*Simple kind to eyes eye make-up corrector pen

Foundations/bb creams/concealer
*Bourjois Healthy Mix serum foundation 53 Light Beige
*Bourjois Healthy Mix serum foundation 51 Light Vanilla
*Loreal Nude Magique BB cream
*Loreal Nude Magique CC cream (colour correcting) 
*Bourjois Touche Healthy Mix

Lip products 
*MUA Sugar Lips lip balm
*Nivea Pearly Shine lip balm
*Sleek Pout Paint 158 Rosette
*Bourjois Rouge Edition 19 corail en vogue
*NYX lipstick Orange Soda 
*Collection 2000 lip liner 15 Marshmallow
*Collection 2000 lip liner 12 Pink Heaven
*Laval lip liner Flame

Eye products
*Technic electric beauty palette (12 eyeshadows)
*NYC Quattro eye shadow 797 Gothic Harlem
*NYC Quattro eye shadow 815 Best of Broadway
*Barry M Dazzle Dust 39
*Barry M Dazzle Dust 53
*Miss Sporty mini-me eyeliner 080 neon green
*NYC eyeliner 925 sable
*NYC eyeliner 921 jet black
*Rimmel exaggerate waterproof eye definer 240 Aqua Sparkle
*Maybelline lasting drama gel eyeliner 01 jet black
*Rimmel soft kohl eyeliner 071 pure white

Brow Products
*MUA pro-brow ultimate eyebrow kit
*Maybelline master shape brow pencil soft brown
*Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil 002 hazel

*Rimmel stay matte pressed powder 003 peach glow
MUA cream blusher Bittersweet

*Rimmel lash accelerator endless 002 brown

Phewww so there's everything ive bought recently, ive also purchased a Snazaroo face-paint set too that's not pictured. 

Id love to say I wont be buying any more make up for a while now but who knows. I will be doing separate reviews on some of these products, if there's anything in-particular you would like to hear about in more depth let me know. 

Hope your all having a nice weekend, despite the SNOW.... in MARCH!!!! Its unbelievable just as I was getting excited about all the summer clothes in the shops. 

Speak Soon 
Lucy xx


  1. OK first of all this course sounds AMAZING! How long is it? I love that Rimmel powder, definitly a holy grail product for me. Is that orange lipstick the Bourjois one? (I'm dealing with super slow lipstick and only the top picture is loading!) it looks incredible you'll have to do a face of the day post wearing that one, yet another lipstick of yours that's added to my wish list haha


    1. The course is a short but very intense one, 8 weeks its lasting, one night a week but LOADS needs to be done at home and so much written work I havnt even started and will probs do all in one the night before it MUST be in. Ill do a fotd with the Bourjois lipstick but ill just tell you very quickly its very sheer so daytime at best really I was a tad disappointed with it, but still nice for the day and when/if our summer ever comes xx

  2. wow, would love to see the cc and bb creams reviewed! x

  3. Omg! Let me pick my jaw up off the floor lol that's an awesome haul!!!!!! I would love to see the l'oreal cc and bb cream reviewed as well. Have fun with all the new stuff:) and we are having tons of snow in Canada's where I live too and it's pissing me off!!!!!

    1. I will do a post on those deffo, ohhhh im so fed up of snow and being cold. Its all gone now so fingers crossed it stays gone xx

  4. Oh wow, that IS a super massive haul! I seem to be on a neverending spending ban so I never go shopping but I should not read such posts, they really make me want to go out and buy EVERYTHING I don't need ahah x

    1. Everythime I go on a spending ban I always end up rebelling in a bad way... haha stay strong :-p xx

  5. WOW! AMAZING haul!! So many stuff that looks wonderful!

    1. haha its a big one isnt it, I had lots of fun buying it all and even more fun playing with it all xx

  6. Great haul hun! You got some great stuff! <33 The lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous! :))

    I am having an International Giveaway on my blog and I'd love it if you enter! <3


  7. Where you doing the course Luce? I applied to Hugh Baird last year and they said they were chocker for rest of the year. I haven't been able to apply this year with being sick but I want to asap! I should be recovered from my operation by Sept enrollment I'm gonna try and get on that one. Xx

    1. Heyy lovely, I was the same applied to Hugh Baird and a few in town and just kept getting letters saying they were too full. Im doing my course in Diva Academy... think its in Huyton but if you google it you can see. Its fab nice intimate little class im loving it. Awwww sorry to hear that, I hope your op goes well and your back on your feet nice and quick xx

  8. Nice haul! I use those eyeshadows too. Thanks for sharing! I just came across your blog and I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog and (if you like) following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx

    1. Aww thank you, yeyy new follower :):) xx

  9. This is a monster haul! I'd love to have a play with it ahah :) good look with your course! It sounds really exciting xx

    1. haha its scary how much I bought, I was in the zone :-p Thank you lovely xx


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