Sunday, 17 March 2013

No More Google Reader....

Heyy Everyone...
Sooo... Google for some reason have decided to get rid of Google reader and Google friend connect. Ive seen a few posts about this now and I cant understand why they would make such a decision. Im not up on technology at all and dont know the ins and outs of this but what I do know is Google Friend Connect is the way most of you keep up to date with my blog. Now when this happens all us bloggers will be in the same boat but id hate to lose any of you in this change. I joined Bloglovin a while back now and never really used it until recently. Ive put a little Bloglovin icon on my blog that you can click to follow me on there and its easy for me to follow back. I actually really like the set up on Bloglovin and it works well. I don't want to lose any of you due to Google and its stupid unnecessary decisions so I hope to see you over on Bloglovin once Google reader is no more.

On a more personal note ive had septic tonsillitis since Tuesday can you believe and im still struggling with it now, I get it really often and it doesn't half take it out of me. Im considering speaking to my doctor about maybe getting my tonsils taken out. This really is one of the most painful things I experience. 
So enough moaning from me, hope your all well and having a nice weekend. Can you believe how fast time is flying, cant believe were coming to the end of March.

Speak Soon 
Lucy xx  


  1. I've had bloglovin' ever since I started blogging but I don't like the change at all :(
    Hope you get better soon as well!

    1. Aww thank you, im feeling much better now. Im not happy about the change either but im actually enjoying using bloglovin xx

  2. Hope you feel better by now :/

    1. Thank you im feeling much better now xx

  3. Good luck getting your tonsils out if you decide to go that route!
    And I'm still upset to hear that google reader will be ending! What were they thinking?!
    xo TJ


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