Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Heyy everyone,
My camera finally arrived today and im over the moon with it. Its a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W50, I got it in pink and so far so good im a very happy bunny.

While I been away I done loads of shopping and I cant wait to show you because im so pleased with the things I got, infact im sure theres more to show lingering about but this will do for now. 
Ive also picked up loads of hair care products that I will show in a separate post. 

So time to crack on - First stop Internacional

These two tops were £12.99 each, and I think they would be great for daytime. 

Next up River Island Online Sale

I absolutely LOVE the River Island online sales, I think they are the best sales iv'e ever seen. When I was last in the shop I was instantly drawn to the Glamour Is Forever top, but the £40 price tag made me put it back, I could never spend that on a day top soooo you can imagine my excitement when I seen it in the sale for £15. I also picked up a pair of garish and tacky leopard print trousers they were £10 

Next up New Look

This dress really is something I would never normally buy, never been a fan of high necklines but I adored the pattern and colours. Once I tried it on to my surprise I loved it, it screams 60's and ive already wore it a couple of times. I got it on sale for £14.99. 

Next we have my Primark goodies - Theres ALLOT

 First up I bought two midi skirts. Now these are very hit and miss with allot of people (me included) I never thought I could pull them off and look cool instead of like a granny. I gave them a go anyway and in the changing room I really liked them on, I couldnt decide what colour I liked best so I got both. One black, one a rusty orange colour. They were £10 each. 

 Ive seen leather skirts about loads recently and really love the look of them. Im not actually sure when I will wear this and what with just yet but I really like it. £14.00

This is one of my favorite of all ive bought. Its a tiger print dress and it cost only £10. I got it in a size bigger because I will be wearing it daytime probably so didnt want it too tight. Now all I need is my invite to Joey Essex' party haha. 

Shiny black leggings, go with anything £6.00. Bargain!!

This top is sooo pretty, its see through with all these gorgeous beads on. Im thinking of teaming this with one my midi skirts but im so unsure what to wear under it. Black top or nude?? Cant decide!! It cost £12.00

 More animal print but seriously how cute is this bag. Cost £11.00

 Lastly the shoes. If your after some party glitter shoes theres LOADS in Primark atm so check them out. The first pair also come as a peep toe but I wanted me tootsies covered, they are a black wedge with a sort of satin finish and a black glitter heel, really christmassy. They cost £16.00. The second pair are just my babies bright pink glitter and bows on the front soooo cute. Like Dorothy shoes only pink, they cost £6.00.

Last but not least ill show you a little Ebay item I won

 Its a River Island dress and I won it for £2.70!!!!!! Such a bargain, it looks great on, love it!!!! 

So thats it for now guys n gals. So glad to be back blogging, Ill be going the Illamasqua launch this weekend so I should have a great post coming up about that, I cant wait. 

Hope everyone is well
Speak soon
Lucy x x 



  1. Love all of these but particularly the two internacional tops! you have great style. xx

  2. love your taste in fashion xx

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  3. I LOVE the first two tops, the bow one's gorgeous!! xxx

  4. I LOVE the tiger print dress, and what a bargain! The glitter shoes are awesome too!

  5. I love the two midi skirts xx Think I might go have a look for one myself :) xx

  6. Awwww love the pink glittery pumps!I might go and try and get some, they might brighten up my black work outfit!x

  7. Great buys :-) love the primark dress x

  8. cute stuff =D I love the red shoes they remind me of wizard of oz :) I love that movie! I really like the 60s dress!

  9. eeeek i absolutely love the midi skirts and that sheer top with beads is sooo gorgeous... glad you're back hun =) xx

  10. Love the ebay item!

    I love going there to get some bargains :)


  11. Thanks Girlies for all your comments... cant wait to wear it all hehe!! x x

  12. Heyy!!! You're back! I need a new camera too and have asked for a Sony for Christmas. Love this haul you got some lovely bits and pieces! Jealous you're going to the Illamasqua launch! Take loads of pics xxxx

  13. Arr I will do Stace, sooo excited never been to one before haha. Id recommend a Sony, great camera for the price, im so chuffed with it. Hope santa brings you one :) x x

  14. Lucy! I'm so JEL of your River Island sale top....I was exactly the same with the black 'too glam for my own good' top...which I did buy but now I wish I'd bought this one as well!! Fab haul!!


  15. The last dress is so pretty, I can't believe you for it for only 2.7 pounds!

  16. Love everything you've got :D xx

  17. Wow fab buys, love everything xx

  18. Thanks for sharing your recent purchases and yay for a new camera!:D

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