Thursday, 3 November 2011

Illamasqua has came to Liverpool baby!!

Launch party of Illamasqua in Met Quarter Liverpool pictured are Creative Director Alex Box and Joint MD Joseph Corre with some performers from Garlands
(photo taken from

Heyyy everyone, 
Well I have quite possibly most exciting post to share with you. As you may or may not know Illamasqua launched in Liverpool last Saturday 29th October in the Met Quarter, which is only the second stand alone store in the UK. 
I popped down for a nosey on Saturday and was so impressed with the store. Ive never used any Illamasqua products before, mainly due to the fact its not been accessible to me and felt like I didnt want to part with the cash online as I like to see things for myself. I ended up buying my first Illamasqua lipstick, in shade Climax, its a gorgeous nudey pink colour. I went for something I could easily wear everyday and I think I have done since the day I bought it. 

As you can see its such a gorgeous wearable colour. Goes on like a dream too. 

I was also invited to the VIP event on Wednesday 2nd November. I was super excited and couldnt wait to go. Here is what I decided to wear. 

Whole outfit except the shoes are from the ever so wonderful Primark haha. 

As I turned up at the store I could see all the effort that had been put into the night with all the colourful Performers as you can see in the first picture. 
The man behind the brand Joseph Corre - son of designer Vivienne Westwood and Sex Pistols svengali Malcolm McLaren - was at the store for a glamorous drinks reception with creative director Alex Box. 

When Corre was looking for locations to expand his make-up brand he came to Liverpool on a scouting mission. 

'Obviously I knew the city a bit, I know my mum's store and I know the people there at Cavern Walks. So I came up to have a look at options and there was so much stuff going on. But more than that I just looked at all these girls really dressed up and wearing loads of make-up and it just felt right'

'There really is no such thing as over-dressed in Liverpool and that's great, I love that'

I love that last quote, Ive always really loved and enjoyed being a Liverpool girl for that exact reason. 
I know Illamasqua is going to be huge here in Liverpool, because they are always so bold and love putting on a show. 

I was met by the lovely Hayley who was so warm and easy to talk to, you can really tell how dedicated all the staff are to the brand, and there love and warmth really shines through.
I also met Blogger and Youtuber Franki @littlecurlygirl She was sooooo lovely, and was glad to have her there to talk to.

Here a a few snaps from the event


The lashes are totally amazing, and as a big false lash girl I fell in love. Then to top it off we was treated to a free pair of lashes applied. I chose some stunning handmade lashes with copper gems on, there was also a silver pair that Franki got. These lashes are £25 but trust me they are the most stunning eyelashes ive EVER seen, they get sooo many compliments and they would be perfect for nights out and with Xmas round the corner too I know they will sell well. I was also astounded at how light they feel, they was the most comfortable lashes ive ever worn. 
Another thing I was in love with are the pure pigments. OH MY WORD they are the most stunning, sparkling pigments ive ever seen. I literally could not stop looking at them and swatching them. My favorite is a coppery brown colour called Ore, this is officially on my Xmas list. 

As it was time to leave we was handed a goodie bag, and I really did feel like a kid on Christmas. I walked out with it and could not wait to see what was inside. Once I was sat down (on the train no less) I dived in for a look. I was so taken aback at what I saw. 

How amazing is this goodie bag, im blown over by it. There is a Bronzing Duo, Illumine Oil, False Lashes, and a Intense Lipgloss in shade Femme.
The bottom picture are the lashes I had applied or meand let me tell you the pictur does them no justice, they are sooo sparkly. 

I will do a more in depth post on these items, I cant wait to use them and tell you what I think.

Id like to thank everyone at Illamasqua for putting on such a fabulous and breathtaking  event. I think Liverpool is the perfect place for this brand. 

Lucy x x x



  1. i love that lipstick colour xx

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  2. This looks like it was such a great event.. the lipstick you bought is a gorgeous colour and you look absolutely stunning in your pics hun =) xx

  3. Wow I love all the lashes!!! And the gift bag you got wow :) I would love to see how the lashes look once they are applied,..they are crazy long!

  4. Wow! That goodie bag is incredible! I have a couple of Illamasqua bits but would like more (of course) haha xx Your hair looks nice that colour xx

  5. Love the lipstick! You look gorgeous here, as always! Lovely outfit xxx

  6. Fab post hun! Was so lovely meeting you and having someone to ogle all the products with!
    So made up with the products in the goodie bags too - I wore the lipgloss last night and it's lovely. I AM OBSESSED WITH ILLAMASQUA NOW. I'm worried for my bank account... xxx

  7. @RavingBeautyx - Ahh thank you x x

    @pebbz - Thank you very much, it was such a awesome night x x

    @MoNsteRGIRL - Ill do a post very soon with me wearing then, they are sooooooo stunning x x

    @Mercedes - Aww thank you so much chick x x

    @Stacey - Thank you very much, my quest to get back blonde is not a easy one haha but im fine with this colour too. Im so chuffed with the goodie bag, feel like I need to pinch meself x x

    @Glimmer and Glow - Aww thanx very much babes x x

    @Franki - Was lovely meeting you too chick, omg I wore the gloss today, fab isnt it. Im obsessed too... our bank accounts and boyfriends should be very scared haha x x

  8. I have awarded u the versatile blogger award xx

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  9. I want to try Illamasqua! But like you (or like you used to be!) it's not accessible for me and I dont really want to part with that much money if I haven't mauled it before hand.
    Looks like a great event, I also rather like your outfit


  10. Great goody bag! All I can say is THOSE EYELASHES! Amazing!


  11. I love the outfit, especially the earrings(: You have an amazing blog, we followed!

    Olivia from The Glamour Girls

  12. @RavingBeauty - Ahhhh thanx so much hun, will go check that out x x

    @Eloise - Thanks so much hun, Its allot of money to spend isnt it if you havnt got the products in front of you. Hopefully they will open stores all over uk coz they are so fab, the shop, the products... they make you feel like a kid in a sweet shop. x x

    @Emma - The lashes are just AM-AZ-ING!!! and feel so light on, I could not believe it. x x

    @The Glamour Girls - Aww thanks for the follow, ive followed you back. x x

  13. Oooh thats super exicting! The lashes look amazing!
    Followed you, follow me back?


  14. Liverpool girl, you're so cute! It's my hometown, though I live in Runcorn now - booooo! And yes, there is no such thing as overdressed, you have to love this city!

    Love this post, I can't wait to drop in to this store, the lashes! I think I'll be staring at them for hours :O

    J x

  15. @simplychicxox - Thanx hun, ive followed x x

    @The Style Rawr - Ahhh did not know you was a fellow Liverpool girl, how fab!! When you see the store you will not be disappointed. x x

  16. The event looked fab, what a lovely goodie bag too. Your outfit looks lovely :) x

  17. @Sadie - Thank you very much. Omg how fab was the goodie bag? I was over the moon with it x x


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